Damian Lillard really can't be compared..

Damian Lillard really can't be compared..

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  1. Kevv137

    Kevv137Prije dan

    He would murder in Miami

  2. Jay Cruzzer

    Jay CruzzerPrije 4 dana

    I would love to see Lillard in purple and gold 💜💛

  3. wade is so old

    wade is so oldPrije 6 dana

    As a dame fan this is why I never wanted him to sign that extension Portland management doesn’t really care about winning just staying afloat to keep selling tickets. Should of went after harden but all i heard was “keep the culture” “he doesn’t pass the ball, he’s selfish” fools wanted to keep cj even tho they lose in the first or 2nd round every year beside 2019. Mediocre franchises like this don’t deserve loyal stars like dame.


    JVO 6IXGODPrije 10 dana

    youtube sent me the notification 4hr ago……video came out 6days ago 🤨

  5. AvWorgen

    AvWorgenPrije 10 dana

    Blazers are doing what Minnesota did with KG. Just wasting insane talent and not giving him something better to work with

  6. New Mbassa

    New MbassaPrije 12 dana

    If dame was that great then he would of made finals in 2019 .simple He said that dame would of won with okc but dame beat okc in 1st rd and with Paul George?😂.Dame and cj are shooting guards that's the real reason they can't win.

  7. Role Sison

    Role SisonPrije 12 dana

    western conference is very wild.

  8. Tony Williams

    Tony WilliamsPrije 12 dana

    Just like a Beal on the Washington Wizards! Both are extremely Loyal with the same NBA teams towards retirement having no championship rings!

  9. Spencer _3

    Spencer _3Prije 12 dana

    i’m a blazers fan but i want him to demand a trade so he doesn’t waste his career and he can get a ring bc he deserves it. he’s already been loyal enough no one can be mad at him if he demands a trade

  10. Angelo Lazcano-Huff

    Angelo Lazcano-HuffPrije 13 dana

    I seen all these comments on how no one should go to Portland but bruh all it would take is one more star besides lillard and the whole team would change. Imagine lillard with kawhi Leonard, AD,Chris Paul, KAT,Jamal Murry, Jimmy butler,or any of the big 3 would dominate with just one of them helping lillard.

  11. George

    GeorgePrije 13 dana

    Dame is great but come on he is not on par with Steph

  12. PPT toons

    PPT toonsPrije 13 dana

    Maybe one of the reason Portland didn't have a successful playoff is because they have *two small guards*. I have no issue with them offensively but defensively it was a disaster. Rockets 2018-19 always wants Steph to Harden because he is too small to guard him, Imagine Portland having two small players that other teams can exploit whenever they want an ISO play or a pick n roll.(if this was rockets 18 vs blazers 21, blazer will still lose the series/not good comparison but i hope you get the point). They are both good but one of them should be a two way player like Klay who can guard really good and make a shot on the other side. I bring this up because they were still sticking with CJ and Dame tandem. One of them should say goodbye if they want to be a championship contender (Klay: 6'6, Steph: 6'3, Mccollum: 6'3, Dame: 6'2, Harden: 6'5)

  13. Sodapop Wilkinson

    Sodapop WilkinsonPrije 13 dana

    ight but imagine Dame in Utah 😳 defense is no longer a worry

  14. Jansean Hernane

    Jansean HernanePrije 12 dana

    Fair enough

  15. Sodapop Wilkinson

    Sodapop WilkinsonPrije 12 dana

    @Jansean Hernane I think they’d be able to, Mitchell already has great developing court vision, he’s far from a selfish player and he seems to quietly get his points pretty often, I don’t think it’d be a long shot

  16. Jansean Hernane

    Jansean HernanePrije 12 dana

    Do you think Dame and Dmitch can work together?

  17. Zenthos

    ZenthosPrije 13 dana

    steph is way better then dame but dame is soooo much more clutch theb steph

  18. California Soul

    California SoulPrije 13 dana

    Unless Westbrook goes and joins a superteam hell never win a chip as a starter

  19. Muhammad Izzuddin

    Muhammad IzzuddinPrije 14 dana

    Dame deserve better

  20. Drose GOAT

    Drose GOATPrije 14 dana

    Bru all the videos I’ve seen from u and I just notice your using you was right by uzi

  21. greg heffley

    greg heffleyPrije 14 dana

    maybe trade McCollum and others for Towns

  22. Neej Life

    Neej LifePrije 14 dana

    All im saying is, now that the Nets exist, Dame joining AD and 37 yr old Bron in LA is a perfectly respectable move l

  23. Hyper Hooper Basketball

    Hyper Hooper BasketballPrije 14 dana

    Steph Curry is amazing, but I feel like he just can’t take over a game on the line like that, and hit like 6 straight threes.

  24. Warriorsin3

    Warriorsin3Prije 8 dana

    stephs done it on multiple occasions though, he's also more efficient and is better in the playoffs than dame, swept him without kd with dame blowing 3 15+ point leads and being outplayed by step. Steph is just the better basketball player bro

  25. Mathias nation

    Mathias nationPrije 14 dana

    He has a better chance of going to la , Lebron, ad ,Lillard then get bradley Beal lol one can dream right 😂 Kyle Lowry as point guard too lol it would be a fuck you brooklyn

  26. Cody Miller

    Cody MillerPrije 15 dana

    That’s the con to staying loyal to a franchise. Your odds of winning a chip substantially drop. For example, imagine being a star who played 15 seasons for the kings before retirement. Your odds of getting a chip is prolly 10% or less. Last time theater franchise was even close was what? 2002? And the series is highly questioned on its legitimacy.

  27. Cody Miller

    Cody MillerPrije 15 dana

    Edit: last time that franchise*

  28. YAYII

    YAYIIPrije 15 dana

    don't compare dame to steph! he ain't trying to be like steph. when someone shoots long range 3's yall think of comparing them to steph

  29. Damien Palmer

    Damien PalmerPrije 15 dana

    Dame to knicks

  30. MichaelOnMouseTV

    MichaelOnMouseTVPrije 15 dana

    This video was only because Jamal is hurt they would of been out in 5 facts

  31. Radomir

    RadomirPrije 15 dana

    Lillard to knicks!

  32. control ur kids.

    control ur kids.Prije 15 dana

    Nets gonna win in 5 against the suns in the finals.

  33. control ur kids.

    control ur kids.Prije 15 dana

    @The Moon sure bud. Ill be back when the nets win the championship.

  34. The Moon

    The MoonPrije 15 dana

    @control ur kids. stfu. Ill be back when the nets lose. Bucks gonna win in 4.

  35. control ur kids.

    control ur kids.Prije 15 dana

    @The Moon stop talking about defense. Sure the bucks got defense but compared to the nets offense they're ass. Oh and btw NETS GONNA WIN IT ALL

  36. The Moon

    The MoonPrije 15 dana

    @control ur kids. nets only got offense and no defence. They cant guard the greek freak so gtfoh with the nets winning it all.

  37. The Moon

    The MoonPrije 15 dana

    @control ur kids. tgreat? You mean threat? 😂

  38. Anthony Mignogna

    Anthony MignognaPrije 15 dana

    Dame was great fs, but those final 2 overtime periods should not have happened, that last 4th quarter foul was bull shit

  39. TheModer8ter

    TheModer8terPrije 15 dana

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  40. tdrivers1102

    tdrivers1102Prije 15 dana

    Dame is head and shoulders above any point guard in the league outside of Steph Curry

  41. loltheworld

    loltheworldPrije 15 dana

    2:43 notice how KD is in 3/5 of these? *cough* snake *cough*

  42. Darrian Nelson

    Darrian NelsonPrije 15 dana

    Dame never had a legit contending team.

  43. Alex Zhou

    Alex ZhouPrije 15 dana

    If you really watching the games, your prediction of the playoff series won’t be so far off. After watching your videos I realized you don’t watch enough nor understand the game that well either. It’s sad how you make these videos on a scale where many ppl watch them but don’t really learn a thing or 2 sometimes even misleading

  44. Elijah M

    Elijah MPrije 15 dana

    Why when everybody talks about players leaving do they gotta go somewhere like Miami or NY. Why wouldn't they go somewhere with a good team and a good organization like Utah or Milwaukee. Nobody talks about destinations like that but those seem like better places for dudes to play. Especially somebody like Dame

  45. bed

    bedPrije 15 dana

    Dame and steph are 2 different players playing in 2 different systems with 2 different skill sets and we are blessed 2 see 2 amazing pgs playing at the same time.

  46. Jayden Rossi

    Jayden RossiPrije 15 dana

    why the fuck is dame so loyal to the trail blazers pisses me off so much they’ve literally done nothing to get him help

  47. Futurestar

    FuturestarPrije 16 dana

    Bring that man to the lakers 🔥💯


    KAMARI ANDERSONPrije 16 dana

    Come to NY dame plz

  49. Rk

    RkPrije 16 dana

    um steph won a chip in his 6th season how was he a second option in his 5th?

  50. Kenny G924

    Kenny G924Prije 16 dana

    Dame will have to take a pay cut to get a legit star IMO

  51. Bennet G JR

    Bennet G JRPrije 16 dana

    Dame to Denver 🤔


    EQUINOX TMPrije 16 dana

    Dame is one hell of a player but I don't see him getting 27 points/game being 2nd option to KD. Even Curry dropped his stats when KD went to GSW. I agree they would've got OKC a championship tho.

  53. Viggo Macintosh

    Viggo MacintoshPrije 16 dana

    Imagine if Damian Lillard got the treatment Harden got at the Rockets

  54. Marcus Crews

    Marcus CrewsPrije 16 dana

    Dame to the knicks a match made in heaven. A defensive team that niggas a go to scorer

  55. KBISHOP 5

    KBISHOP 5Prije 16 dana

    dame & lebron is that mj pippen… they BOTH need each other rn as they get older cause AD fragile ass ain’t cuttin it. dame been carrying portland 8 years & they still just keeping they head above water! portland respects you bro request that trade!


    KOBE LIVESPrije 16 dana

    I seen 666 had to comment

  57. LiFE of an OREO

    LiFE of an OREOPrije 16 dana

    Lakers only option. Lakers & AD needs Dame going foward to compete, so Bron can be a Magic Johnson 20pts/10ast/5reb Not a Lakers fan, just don't want another one sided dynasty. Nets 🤦🏾‍♂️

  58. Stokey Junior

    Stokey JuniorPrije 16 dana

    Kyrie and Westbrook were the second option in the comparisons you brought up....

  59. MArk -One

    MArk -OnePrije 16 dana

    Miami heat missing that one piece which is a scoring machine in an era of scoring cuz defensively heat is tight but they cant compare to the offense of every team surrounding them in the playoffss

  60. Jay

    JayPrije 16 dana

    Dame's previous game he had 10 points?

  61. Key

    KeyPrije 16 dana

    Dame playin 2k in real life😭

  62. Connor Bass

    Connor BassPrije 16 dana

    dame going to miami


    RIP BLAZERSPrije 16 dana

    Why the heat jersey?

  64. Jefeth Lopez

    Jefeth LopezPrije 16 dana

    BLAZERS!!!!😠.......get ur shit together before you make this man leave😔

  65. Robin Upadhyay

    Robin UpadhyayPrije 16 dana

    Kawhi already told his wife to pack his bags for miami at halftime

  66. Robin Upadhyay

    Robin UpadhyayPrije 16 dana

    Kawhi to Miami

  67. Anakin Skywalker

    Anakin SkywalkerPrije 16 dana

    If he’s looking at Philly in the off-season, I got a 6’11 point guard that I’m sure the Blazers would love to add. Edit: For the record I love Ben Simmons and what he brings to the Sixers, but if we have an opportunity to get Dame Dolla then we gotta take it.

  68. Tepong Kyuri

    Tepong KyuriPrije 16 dana

    Mr. First Round Wonder lol never felt like his impact on the game is close to Steph.

  69. Greg Turismo

    Greg TurismoPrije 16 dana

    I can’t like this video because it hurts too much yet is too accurate

  70. Dikota Williams

    Dikota WilliamsPrije 16 dana

    Keep the same "Russ" energy. Good stats, and they don't translate to wins. His defense is ass. Lillard is an overrated guard. You're showing him being a first option and his stats vs. other stars' stats when they're not the first option. You're creating a narrative that he's better than other guards, and that he'd have won a championship if he took their place, when that's literally impossible to ever know. Your take is trash, and you are too.

  71. Cikun Sports

    Cikun SportsPrije 16 dana

    They gave that man single coverage in over time, time and time again

  72. Europa

    EuropaPrije 16 dana

    Portland really needs to fire Neil Olshey. He's completley failed at putting a balanced team around Dame. When you have a PG that is one of the best scorers, if not the best scorer in the world, you need to put a 2 guard next to him that is a good defender. Dame actually isn't a bad defender, but he can't go all out on D most of the time because he expends so much energy playing offense. That's why for a player like Dame it's imperative that he plays on a team with a 2 guard that is a good/great defender, but unfortunately Olshey has stuck with CJ even though he clearly doesn't fit with Dame. I really hope Olshey gets fired this offseason, and the new GM trades CJ for a starting forward that is a good defender and resigns Norman Powell to be the starting two guard next to Dame. Starting Powell at the two and trading CJ for a starting forward that can play D and shoot the ball would improve this teams defense dramatically and would make the offense more balanced. Idk, but I bet Dame is starting to realize the same thing and will use his power this offseason to force the changes the team needs. Dame has said countless times he wants to make things work in Portland and doesn't want to go anywhere else, which means his only option is to force the team to make drastic changes and see what happens with a new GM and coach.

  73. Ron, The Almighty Rat King

    Ron, The Almighty Rat KingPrije 16 dana

    Damian Lillard can be easily compared to me... -Ron, The Almighty Rat King

  74. MalRulesAll

    MalRulesAllPrije 16 dana

    Yeah his team really sold him I felt bad 😔😭😭

  75. jackypark Chan

    jackypark ChanPrije 16 dana

    If the Heat wants Dame, the package would be Tyler Herro + Duncan Robinson (At least) + Picks and trading the rest of the roster to rebuild. It will also free a playoff spot in the West.

  76. Robe Liam

    Robe LiamPrije 16 dana

    The Price of Loyalty.

  77. Daniel Castro

    Daniel CastroPrije 16 dana

    Lillard's capability of just taking over the game on clutch situations is just out of this world. A value that even some great legends didn't had. Amazing player and clutch performer, hope he gets his ring one day.

  78. Europa

    EuropaPrije 16 dana

    He has to be tied with MJ as the most clutch player to ever play the game. I'd argue he's more clutch since the shots he takes and makes in the clutch are mostly ridiculous off the dribble heavily contested crazy deep threes. Yes he doesn't have the rings, but I don't think that's his fault at all, the Blazers just don't have a well constructed roster. Also keep in mind that Damian is only 6' 2", so he has to deal with getting these shots off over players that often have 5 to 7 inches on him, usually while navigating an incoming double team. He doesn't have the luxury of being 6' 6" and just posting up and up shooting fade aways to get open like MJ would often do. Instead he has to shoot insanely difficult step back/side step fade away threes in order to get enough space to get a shot up. I really think the level of skill Dame has is something we've never seen before considering his height. AI is the only comparison, but even then I think most would agree that Dame has a reached a level even higher than AI.

  79. Joseph Vernon

    Joseph VernonPrije 16 dana

    I don’t know why dame is being considered great now, he’s been great. I honestly wouldn’t hate him for getting a trade.

  80. _9ra.

    _9ra.Prije 16 dana

    Mf's act like Dame didn't start this logo shit. 🤦🏽

  81. Seb G

    Seb GPrije 16 dana

    Here’s the real debate... Who’s more fun to watch? Dame or Steph?

  82. Nuradin Alas

    Nuradin AlasPrije 16 dana

    Stephen curry is 2 MVP 3 time champ people need chill dame never been finals or won title it’s disrespectful to point him in the same breath

  83. Marvin Ogutu

    Marvin OgutuPrije 16 dana

    Steph Curry and dame are my favourite players I don’t know why fans of both parties try and go at each other just appreciate both of them

  84. Kobe

    KobePrije 16 dana

    “Aiight man..... *Handrubs & licks lips*” Bro chill ya audio is impeccable

  85. Bryan Cruz

    Bryan CruzPrije 16 dana

    Honestly if Damian leaves Portland someday I won’t even be mad

  86. Santi Medina

    Santi MedinaPrije 16 dana

    1:20 you said that like CJ isn’t a killer at iso

  87. TheOfficialMichael

    TheOfficialMichaelPrije 16 dana

    Your intro is so annoying, your making my ears bleed “*deep breathe* ALRIGHT MANNNNN”

  88. Adriandante Danosos

    Adriandante DanososPrije 16 dana

    This channel swishout is absolutely garbage

  89. isaac debeila

    isaac debeilaPrije 16 dana

    Dame should consider moving... Warriors Jazz Heat Grizzlies Knicks Hawks are all teams on the up and up and can fit his style, Warriors small ball style can fit him in with Curry Dame Klay Wiggins Green its a team that can shoot out any other team they face from any distance, but balancing the cap will be hella tough Grizzlies would be a great spot but i think the best fits would be Heats and Jazz

  90. Kenneth Anderson

    Kenneth AndersonPrije 16 dana

    Facts.. he never had true help.. they need a lock down guard that could score in the paint effe

  91. Europa

    EuropaPrije 16 dana

    The have a lockdown guard, but he's starting at the 3. Hopefully this offseason CJ is traded and Norman Powell will become the new starting 2 guard next to Dame.

  92. MalRulesAll

    MalRulesAllPrije 16 dana


  93. Focused All Day

    Focused All DayPrije 16 dana

    He need to link up with some other stars. He should be in a conference final appearance consistently.

  94. BDotVisualz

    BDotVisualzPrije 16 dana

    And nothing he doing matters if he LOSING!!!

  95. emiliorod24

    emiliorod24Prije 16 dana

    I know Swish is holding that Lakers/LeBron video 😥😬

  96. Nikke Tmzee

    Nikke TmzeePrije 16 dana

    No knock on dame but he will always be the Kobe Bryant to Stephen currys Michael Jordan.

  97. G Lyle

    G LylePrije 16 dana

    Andddd there goes the Russ slander💀💀stats be damned, the dude was the heart and soul of that OKC team and he wasn’t the sole reason they lost. Not to mention all the games where Dame underperformed?? Russ had one LEGIT championship year where you can say he should’ve won, the rest were years where sure he didn’t play up to par-but in what world are Harden and Russ/Russ and PG winning a championship? And sure, Dame’s teams weren’t nearly as good as Westbrook’s but to call them players with completely different non-chip legacies is wild

  98. NatMesh

    NatMeshPrije 16 dana


  99. Paul Drenick

    Paul DrenickPrije 16 dana

    I love Russ and I'm a big defender of his but dame outplayed the shit out of him in 2019. PG wasn't himself most of that series supposedly cus of his shoulder but even w out pg they were a better team possibly the best defensive team in the league that season and regardless of whose team was better the 1v1 matchup was front and center and dame won convincingly. Russ had 1 game he played better every other game he played significantly worse than dame

  100. Kujo

    KujoPrije 16 dana

    The gap is significant. Curry is efficient regardless of how bad his teammates are. Did you see his stats this year?

  101. Europa

    EuropaPrije 16 dana

    Krep in mind that most of Dame's threes are off the dribble and are heavily contested because of the offense the Blazers run. Curry of course can make heavily contested threes just as well as Dame, but he also has the luxury of playing on a team with a point forward that can run the offense, allowing Steph to go off and get open shots through the flow of the offense. Dame doesn't get these types of open looks. If Dame played in an offense with a point forward, he would get a lot more open shots and would most likely have around the same shooting percentage as Steph.

  102. TheTerminatorJ9

    TheTerminatorJ9Prije 16 dana

    Everyone tryna get dame outa Portland, it's annoying, dudes loyal to the soil bro

  103. Pxna -_-

    Pxna -_-Prije 16 dana


  104. zuberi sobers

    zuberi sobersPrije 16 dana

    I seen dame in a Miami jersey I had to watch this video

  105. Tobiyah Tafari

    Tobiyah TafariPrije 16 dana

    Let me say this. I love that thumbnail immensely!

  106. Dribble God

    Dribble GodPrije 16 dana

    Dame to Miami👀

  107. teekjay

    teekjayPrije 16 dana

    Throw the whole thumbnail away EWW

  108. Ja on His Grizzly

    Ja on His GrizzlyPrije 16 dana

    Russ would still be the better all time player but you are right. Dame has never had help and he deserves all the love he gets

  109. T T

    T TPrije 16 dana

    Another ringless player in making.

  110. Tushar Pandey

    Tushar PandeyPrije 16 dana

    If Dame goes to Chicago to team up zach Lavine and vucevic, My prediction- eastern finals atleast

  111. CameronJDub

    CameronJDubPrije 16 dana

    Dame isn’t even better than Luka imo.

  112. KingDavid

    KingDavidPrije 16 dana

    Just a heads up: Kyrie didn’t play for most of the regular season in 2016 because of his knee injury from the 2015 Finals. Thats the context behind that 19.6 PPG average

  113. The Sage

    The SagePrije 16 dana

    Man CJ sold

  114. slammy 05

    slammy 05Prije 16 dana

    Cj for Simmons or dame for Embiid either way both teams win