The Chris Paul Injury Curse..

The Chris Paul Injury Curse..

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  1. Elias Makaraig

    Elias MakaraigPrije 2 dana

    This aged like fine wine.

  2. MoodZ

    MoodZPrije 2 dana

    Well you called the curse but it’s not a injury this time it’s because of COVID-19

  3. 3 iiis we're watching

    3 iiis we're watchingPrije 2 dana

    Now he's out with COVID-19

  4. Ryan Maloney

    Ryan MaloneyPrije 3 dana

    Need to update the video...

  5. Luis Chavez

    Luis ChavezPrije 17 dana

    Watch 5:38 to 6:00 watch history repeats itself with Chris as of right now he’s hurt again with the Suns in game 5!!!!

  6. Ashdon

    AshdonPrije 17 dana

    Welp goodbye Pheonix

  7. Hans Fitschen

    Hans FitschenPrije 19 dana

    well he just balled out in game 4, so it ain’t over yet

  8. Manos Karamanolis

    Manos KaramanolisPrije 19 dana

    Seems like his body collapses each time he feels pressure and has to carry his team.

  9. Chris Johnell

    Chris JohnellPrije 20 dana

    It’s inevitable that CP3 gets hurt in the playoffs.

  10. Joanie Walen

    Joanie WalenPrije 20 dana

    The innocent brochure temporarily search because bamboo sicily fancy via a oafish cheetah. abhorrent, wandering rooster

  11. DW - 10ZZ 739042 Bramalea SS

    DW - 10ZZ 739042 Bramalea SSPrije 20 dana

    “Kwame don’t come for me bro ion want no smoke” 🤣💀

  12. Tyrone Harris

    Tyrone HarrisPrije 20 dana

    You aint ever said u taken greek over ad you smoking ready rock my guy 🤦🏾‍♂️

  13. tmacnyc

    tmacnycPrije 21 dan

    Chris Paul Faking an Injury to help his buddy LBJ out

  14. elijahmanuyag1218 padel

    elijahmanuyag1218 padelPrije 22 dana

    chis ankle noo

  15. J Facts

    J FactsPrije 22 dana

    I dont think its a curse personally. I just think he burns out by the time postseason comes.

  16. John Knee

    John KneePrije 22 dana

    lakers dodged a bullet

  17. Paris.

    Paris.Prije 22 dana

    Hell of regular season player.

  18. JGS

    JGSPrije 23 dana

    Death...Taxes....and Chris Paul getting injured in the playoffs.

  19. Peter Carolan

    Peter CarolanPrije 23 dana

    I do think suns win game 2 if cp3 didn't get hurt.

  20. Kar Kit Liu

    Kar Kit LiuPrije 23 dana

    Chris Paul would’ve been the perfect endorsement person for “Paperlike” screen protector

  21. Narfi

    NarfiPrije 23 dana

    I feel like CP3 tries so hard during the season that his body gives out when it matters most

  22. andrew vega

    andrew vegaPrije 23 dana

    The only playoffs he did very good was last year with OKC

  23. Ishma'el McDuffey

    Ishma'el McDuffeyPrije 23 dana

    I think the guy is getting paid for this at this point

  24. Johnny Popham

    Johnny PophamPrije 23 dana

    best basketball channel out here‼️

  25. Amadou Ndiaye

    Amadou NdiayePrije 23 dana

    The Curse is real, the Suns have a real shot of eliminating the Lakers

  26. Johnny Cruze

    Johnny CruzePrije 23 dana

    its mental, he's afraid of the big moments

  27. Michael Keeney

    Michael KeeneyPrije 23 dana

    i havnt seen a comment ab what happened last night

  28. JefeCQP BigFélix

    JefeCQP BigFélixPrije 23 dana

    C P injury

  29. KIËRAN R

    KIËRAN RPrije 23 dana

    Death, taxes and CP3 injured in the playoffs. Great video man!

  30. AnimalBlundetto

    AnimalBlundettoPrije 24 dana

    Bro is so cursed :(

  31. R.J. Sais

    R.J. SaisPrije 24 dana

    I was just telling my brother. "when was the last time Chris got through a full regular and post season without an injury?"

  32. Marcus Briggs

    Marcus BriggsPrije 24 dana

    I think his genetics gave him great gifts, but also a weak body in terms of the amount of punishment he can take.

  33. Demarcus Cousins 3rd Cousin

    Demarcus Cousins 3rd CousinPrije 24 dana

    This is why I always say Chris Paul is OVERRATED. He's the most fragile player in the history of the league when it matters most. Death, taxes and Chris Paul injured in the playoffs. Who cares about stat padding in the regular season to just get hurt in the playoffs

  34. yung midoriya

    yung midoriyaPrije 24 dana

    i swear to god bro. this guy is like rock solid during the regular season but the EXACT MOMENT it becomes playoffs and crunch time, he turns into glass. im just super tired of hearing ‘oh he’s great, he’s great’ but to quote kareem (when he was talking about shaq before he won his first championship) ‘ he aint won nothing yet, so is he great?’ the regular season literally means nothing. it dont matter whether u were the best team or the best player, the playoffs are the only games that matter. and every post season, chris paul is MIA. im done with it man. dude should hang it up like d wade. wade said it himself that he could still play but still chose to hang it up on his own accord. paul clearly isnt built for a championship run or else he already would’ve won one already. he’s 36. and its serious. the 2018 warriors series, gone. pretty much every playoff run with the clips, gone. like I said: solid during the regular season, glass during the MOST IMPORTANT GAMES. im not saying he’s faking it, but its just like how many times does bad luck strike in a row? it j doesnt feel right.

  35. Tsalis Abida Nurdin

    Tsalis Abida NurdinPrije 24 dana

    Leave Kwame Brown alone man, you don't want that Momma's cookin'

  36. Khalil Young

    Khalil YoungPrije 24 dana

    Some people just have bad luck

  37. Derrick A.

    Derrick A.Prije 24 dana

    The real playoff P

  38. Halcyon

    HalcyonPrije 24 dana

    Bad Luck Paul. Everytime their success rate is high, he gets injured. The rockets could've beaten the warriors if he didn't get injured. Feel bad for him. He needs to be a laker. ASAP 😂

  39. Issac Cassidy

    Issac CassidyPrije 24 dana

    You feel bad on one hand but on the other it feels too coincidental to be true no way this happens every year

  40. isaac debeila

    isaac debeilaPrije 24 dana

    CP3 will win a title when he plays the Iggy style of being the guy who comes off the bench and helps a team over the hump, he isnt a main guy or rather his body wont allow him to be, he would easily be the guy for any team if he could protect his healthy in playoffs

  41. 5h06un

    5h06unPrije 24 dana

    i moved to PHX last year and its been dope seeing the SUNS grow, but when they acquired cp3 i was worried this would happen. i hope its not significant.

  42. Small Ben7

    Small Ben7Prije 24 dana

    No one wants to mess with Kwame... what a legend

  43. kaixtc

    kaixtcPrije 24 dana

    If u ask me Rondo put the curse on CP3 by saying he will never win a chip

  44. Michael Trenier

    Michael TrenierPrije 24 dana

    Chris Paul is made of jello

  45. Apostolos Barmpopoulos

    Apostolos BarmpopoulosPrije 25 dana

    Rajon Rondo and Demarcus Cousins liked this video

  46. Edgar Haro

    Edgar HaroPrije 25 dana

    Not enough animal fat

  47. ThuperSuper

    ThuperSuperPrije 25 dana

    Unfortunate karma for being a general douchebag of a human being.

  48. Nicholas Root

    Nicholas RootPrije 25 dana

    CP3's body in the playoffs: "imma head out"

  49. Worldz Worstgamer

    Worldz WorstgamerPrije 25 dana

    Why are you making this video during the playoffs don’t bring that juju on him

  50. Miguel Atkins

    Miguel AtkinsPrije 25 dana

    That's crazy! Never knew how deep it was.

  51. Koreytg

    KoreytgPrije 25 dana

    Bro lately I’ve been really liking this mans content, keep it up!

  52. CalNotNice

    CalNotNicePrije 25 dana

    At this point Chris Paul needa use “Load Management” 😭

  53. Rishi Natarajan

    Rishi NatarajanPrije 25 dana

    Cp3 is the type of guy who makes everyone better when he is on the floor.

  54. Alisia Tores

    Alisia ToresPrije 25 dana

    Kwame gonna do a video on you next be ready

  55. Mistah Unknown

    Mistah UnknownPrije 25 dana

    Lakers need to exploit that. Win the series in 5 games and get the Lakers stars to rest up

  56. Carnell D.i.Y To be great

    Carnell D.i.Y To be greatPrije 25 dana

    Cp3 is always at his best before injuries

  57. D.Maintain

    D.MaintainPrije 25 dana

    Playoff injury prone

  58. MalRulesAll

    MalRulesAllPrije 25 dana


  59. Ena Nebres

    Ena NebresPrije 25 dana

    Amazing video

  60. ENOZI

    ENOZIPrije 25 dana

    It's not playoffs if CP3 is not injured lol

  61. FILZ F

    FILZ FPrije 25 dana

    YesSiRr!! Mate... that was very interesting and entertaining!! Cris Paul ayy... WoW.. poor Bloke.. shiit gO wit the injurys.. hopefully he gets betta and come back. Mate.. I'm a Big faN of your videos.. I usually get Me NBA news from Me Mate tSO-Sage!!.. but after watching a few of ur stuff..YesSiRr.. iM a Fan!! Lol! I like ur videos on the Draft players..where they came from and how they progressing... VERY INTERESTING stuff.. look forward to watch your take on all the playoffs and uR predictions..thankz for sharing Mate.. definately appreciated!! Take it easy and Stay Safe out there big FellA!!

  62. iTzSinsss

    iTzSinsssPrije 25 dana

    U see i hate this for many reasons. One is that cp3 had a good chance of making this series very comp. another one is that if lebron wins, the narrative will be, “oH hE wAs LuCkY bEcAuSe Of PaUls InJuRy”. If lebron loses, the narrative will be, “oH hE lOsT wHeN cHrIs PaUl WaS nOt eVeN tHeRe He iS nOt ThE gOaT” F the media man its a lose/lose situation

  63. MalRulesAll

    MalRulesAllPrije 25 dana

    Honestly 🤦🏾‍♂️

  64. PvPi CHOZEN

    PvPi CHOZENPrije 25 dana

    Bruh i don’t know if you do these type of videos I’m about to ask for but if you do you gotta talk about this beef with kwame brown vs Matt Barnes, Stak5, Stephen A ESPN, and NBA cause this shit is rocking the basketball community

  65. ball all day o

    ball all day oPrije 25 dana

    CP3 IS FINE!

  66. 이혜주

    이혜주Prije 25 dana

    The laughable cactus nally kill because poppy ethnically branch upon a lazy territory. rainy, hollow prose

  67. atthallah nadhif

    atthallah nadhifPrije 25 dana

    i dont understand why cp3 gets this curse.

  68. Planet Jadarius

    Planet JadariusPrije 25 dana

    If the Suns somehow win this series man won’t that be a breather for Chris man that guy has been through too damn much.

  69. Gaz Coleman

    Gaz ColemanPrije 25 dana

    He's not actually hurt that bad tbf

  70. Samuel Penalba

    Samuel PenalbaPrije 25 dana

    Swish you should be on the laced up pod.

  71. Roberto Lebron

    Roberto LebronPrije 25 dana

    So... did he want to make this video?

  72. Raging Virus

    Raging VirusPrije 25 dana

    Its playoff time

  73. Alexander Adonyae

    Alexander AdonyaePrije 25 dana

    Phoenix Suns gotta get another point guard down the future for Devin Booker! Chris is a Hall of Famer💯 but he is getting older! Phoenix Management better make it happen soon because if they dont?? This season is gonna be a one year wonder smh and Devin gonna want out of Phoenix

  74. Thumb

    ThumbPrije 25 dana

    2018 was supposed to be ours 😔

  75. Cbass

    CbassPrije 24 dana

    I was actually rooting for the Rockets to win that series lol

  76. Julian Ramirez

    Julian RamirezPrije 25 dana

    It's heartbreaking

  77. AK Wuz Here

    AK Wuz HerePrije 25 dana

    Still the best pg

  78. Samuel Koshy

    Samuel KoshyPrije 25 dana

  79. RodHittEmUp

    RodHittEmUpPrije 25 dana

    Bruh its so annoying seeing him get injured...him & harden couldve really beat GSW in 2018 if it wasnt for injuries

  80. Nolan Balzan

    Nolan BalzanPrije 25 dana

    im so sorry for paul such a good play and im not even a suns fan

  81. Jassenjd

    JassenjdPrije 25 dana

    Everyone scared of kwame and his mommas seasonings 😂

  82. Bababooey

    BababooeyPrije 25 dana

    Cp3 would have a ring if he stayed healthy in 2018

  83. Jancarlo Anguiano

    Jancarlo AnguianoPrije 25 dana

    watching Harden disrespect CP3 is upsetting. If he wasn't so self-centered they would've done even better together.

  84. Agon Ali

    Agon AliPrije 25 dana

    Whats the song at the end?

  85. Easy Dimez

    Easy DimezPrije 25 dana


  86. Cbass

    CbassPrije 24 dana

    As a Lakers fan I was rolling my eyes like “man this dude really flopping while we’re down by like 11.”

  87. D.

    D.Prije 25 dana

    Kwame is on yo ass after this

  88. Bryan

    BryanPrije 25 dana

    I can hear all the lakers hater if Chris Paul never got hurt stuff

  89. Gatore Alard

    Gatore AlardPrije 25 dana

    Keep the consistency swish

  90. Vintage Drugrug

    Vintage DrugrugPrije 25 dana

    Cp really might be cursed smh

  91. Knoda

    KnodaPrije 25 dana

    Dude really compared Tyson Chandler to Kwame Brown 🤦🏽‍♂️

  92. Unbelievable

    UnbelievablePrije 25 dana


  93. Tech

    TechPrije 25 dana

    I have a feeling he didn't want to make this video...

  94. _ Xds4325 _

    _ Xds4325 _Prije 25 dana

    Luckily this injury doesn't look bad. It was most likely a stinger. When his neck got bent back it compressed this nerve in the upper shoulder, which would effect control of his arm examining why he was mishandling and couldn't shoot. He should be fine by game 3 at the absolute latest if it is in fact a stinger injury. Chris himself said he'd be ready by game 2. So we can only hope for the best.

  95. TheBrotasticBro

    TheBrotasticBroPrije 25 dana

    Cp3 deserves a ring more than anyone rn

  96. Melodicaal

    MelodicaalPrije 25 dana

    In my opinion if he wants a ring before his career is over he might as well join the lakers or just some super team next season I know the “if you can’t beat em join em” thing isn’t a good thing but that’s probably the best option for Chris this man deserves a ring before he’s out the league. But then again it’s just MY opinion 🤷🏽‍♂️

  97. Dangic23

    Dangic23Prije 25 dana

    I'm starting to think that CP3 is a gatekeeper for the league's desired outcome. He got injured to allow Lebron and Curry meet in the finals. Now the league wants a LAL repeat, so CP3 plays his role again.

  98. Dangic23

    Dangic23Prije 25 dana

    I can't even see how he got hit on that play.

  99. Chris Sullivan

    Chris SullivanPrije 25 dana

    He really is the unluckiest player in playoff history. It's sad cuz people talk about him like he a bum because of it.

  100. The Outcast

    The OutcastPrije 25 dana

    I know who did it, it's Lord Voldemort's fault, No actually it's Chris Paul's fault for breaking Lord Voldemort's ankles at the orphanage! 🤣

  101. Sean Steo

    Sean SteoPrije 25 dana


  102. Rizpatch

    RizpatchPrije 25 dana

    I feel for Chris Paul Injuries in the playoff always cost him his chance to win a championship b

  103. Native2458

    Native2458Prije 25 dana

    Cp3 should’ve load management