Don't Fall for the LeBron Trap..

Don't Fall for the LeBron Trap..

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  1. Marcus Wong (MWONG)

    Marcus Wong (MWONG)Prije 8 dana

    well this didnt age well

  2. Joshua covers

    Joshua coversPrije 11 dana

    Who all is here after they got single handedly eliminated by Devin booker in the first round 😂

  3. joe turner

    joe turnerPrije 13 dana

    Go suns

  4. Benj

    BenjPrije 14 dana

    *Well this aged well*

  5. Cristian Nájera

    Cristian NájeraPrije 14 dana

    Damn, really didn't age well

  6. Xavier Renger

    Xavier RengerPrije 16 dana

    Today LeBron down 3-2 just taking threes and quitting the stadium in the 3rd, well that aged well...

  7. EzhilanX

    EzhilanXPrije 16 dana

    Who’s here after AD got injured and Suns are about to beat the Lakers in the 1st round

  8. Ichigo Kurosaki

    Ichigo KurosakiPrije 17 dana

    I'm taking Lakers over Suns

  9. Daddy BadGuy

    Daddy BadGuyPrije 17 dana

    So being professional is something hated in America, in European football ronaldo and messi are the biggest rivals in the history of the sport but when it comes to media they never talk about any rivalries. They always talk nice and complement the competition thats called professionalism, but in the u. S i guess its called taking the high road...

  10. EYEwatch 2see

    EYEwatch 2seePrije 18 dana

    Klay says > put him on the *goon squad* OR ELSE "his feelings are gonna be hurt"

  11. EYEwatch 2see

    EYEwatch 2seePrije 18 dana

    soooo!!! it's the first round of the playoffs (2-1) games won are in Lebron's favor but AS OF sunday may 30, 2021 when phoenix won AND anthony davis got injured AGAIN now it's 2-2 ...... 👀 is it too soon to look for this *Lebron Trap* you speak of ???

  12. BigBoi

    BigBoiPrije 18 dana

    I think it’s less that Lebron doesn’t accept rivalry and more that he takes a professional route. Times aren’t the same, you get fined just for saying shit like that, and it’s not that he can’t afford that, but lebron seems to not like saying things that will make a headline

  13. VERBAL Kint

    VERBAL KintPrije 19 dana

    Much like Lebron, this video is NOT aging well. Allow me to break this down to you young buck. Lebron will never acknowledge rivalries. Why? Because, his record in the biggest moments is a losing one. The Warriors/Cavs wasn’t a rivalry only because the Warriors got the best of him. The refs had to bail his ass out in 2016. Go check that footage. Fouling out Steph in a Finals? Suspending Draymond? How gullible are you young people? Lebron plays down rivalry because he doesn’t have the confidence that he can deliver. It’s only after the outcomes that he’ll heap often unwarranted amounts of praise in his perpetual attempt to control the narrative. He praises to boost his legacy or grant him an excuse for losing. It’s not rocket science. It’s not even science for dummies.


    ABEL SHOEDONPrije 20 dana

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  15. S6X Stringz

    S6X StringzPrije 21 dan

    I don’t think this year the Lakers have it in them to win it. Not cause of bron but AD. If AD can call like the last two games against Phoenix than the lakers have a chance, but AD is so fragile and inconsistent it’s a big if.

  16. Ronnie Lo

    Ronnie LoPrije 21 dan

    skip to 1:05

  17. str8duval

    str8duvalPrije 21 dan

    Jordan literally took the highroad most of the time also

  18. adsøkj adkljf

    adsøkj adkljfPrije 22 dana

    if he lost the hawks series... well... you cleary haven't heard about skip bayless...

  19. Manuel Gomez

    Manuel GomezPrije 22 dana

    I wouldn't say that the Clippers were a rivalry. Everyone wanted it to be and created that narrative, but unless you have post-season bouts, I don't think its a rivalry. The Warriors tho, that was a rivalry.

  20. G D

    G DPrije 23 dana

    Years from now, a documentary will come out about Lebron. In the documentary, we'll get Lebron's perspective of things as well as tons of details that make him the great competitor that he is. I thoroughly believe that when this documentary comes out, all of the Lebron super-haters will grow to respect him. The man is a different breed - insanely athletic, insanely competitive, insanely smart, insanely committed - all while being a great off-court role model for any aspiring professional athlete. No off-court drama at all throughout his entire career, even though he was drafted straight out of high school, is even still with his high school sweetheart and they seem to have built a very happy, loving family. All of the people that hate him for his complaining to refs, flopping and creating teams will eventually realize that the man just found a way to control as much as he could control, such as to give him and his team the best advantage possible. Let's be honest, if you're in a competition and you find something you can legally exploit, it would be moronic not to use it (if MJ played in this era he would flop too, stop lying to yourselves). He thinks like a player, like a gm and like a franchise owner. The value he brings to the table is just as tangible as it is intangible, meaning he's just as great of a player as he is a team leader. Statistically - yes, look it up, Lebron is insanely clutch, even when compared to MJ. Seriously, look it up, you might be surprised. There are few athletes in the history of sports that Lebron can be compared to. Appreciate the guy while he lasts, regardless of if MJ is your goat or not. *Just as a precaution, because I know it's already coming, I think that MJ being someone's goat is an obviously reasonable take, there's no arguing against that. I think a reasonable argument can be made for both MJ and Lebron, as well as some others. Chill. I'm just making the point that the people who genuinely hate Lebron need to check their emotions, because there isn't much reason to hate him other than he's knocking your team out of the playoffs every year. Great athlete, great person. Chill on the hate.

  21. Ena Nebres

    Ena NebresPrije 23 dana

    Amazing video

  22. artybeforefowl

    artybeforefowlPrije 23 dana

    who's here after the Lakers beat the Suns in game 2. At least the suns put up some kind of fight at the end. The Suns don't take LeBron lightly, mostly Devin booker. He fights hard and they are scrappy. Even if the Suns lose in the first round. I am very proud of the work they did this season. They were scrappy and didn't give in. If we are going to beat someone like anthony davis we need to get some more althetic big man with some strength

  23. ValensBellator

    ValensBellatorPrije 23 dana

    Much like Brady last season, I just don't get people who count LeBron out. I ain't saying he's definitely going to win it all or is even my favorite to do so (he's not), but to just call it over? How are people still doing that?

  24. AllstarsX2

    AllstarsX2Prije 20 dana

    Week 1 Brady with his new team 3 ints he’s washed he’s a system qb like people never learn like lmao Lebron will win whether u like it or not

  25. MrGyonex

    MrGyonexPrije 24 dana

    Well, doubters have a winning record against him..... just saying

  26. Roger Avila

    Roger AvilaPrije 25 dana

    lmao lebron sucks.. he will never pass kobe

  27. IXlGrudgelXl

    IXlGrudgelXlPrije 25 dana

    I been saying this since the Miami heat years. And ppl ignored me

  28. Ben

    BenPrije 26 dana

    Lebron is the biggest flopper in the NBA… Kobe and MJ didn’t flop…

  29. Lucky M

    Lucky MPrije 26 dana

    Kyrie played 2 games in the 2015 ecf vs Atlanta. I agree either the point otherwise though

  30. Nice TheStampede

    Nice TheStampedePrije 27 dana

    Lebron and Durant are kinda more alike than they think. It's a quiet killer mentality. They don't say that much but when the ball hits the court, that's when we about to bring it to ya

  31. Liam Leech

    Liam LeechPrije 27 dana

    Here after lebron hit the clutch 3 ro and curry home

  32. Irrelevant Goats

    Irrelevant GoatsPrije 29 dana

    They losing this year for sure

  33. Luke Demosthene

    Luke DemosthenePrije 26 dana

    lmao you were wrong

  34. Daniel Lopez

    Daniel LopezPrije 26 dana


  35. JxChillin

    JxChillinPrije mjesec

    Who’s here after he aimed for the middle one?

  36. Marc Nelson

    Marc NelsonPrije mjesec

    Good call. One week later before LAL played GST, Lebron says Steph is the MVP. Lakers win.

  37. Trinity Thabo Ntshangase

    Trinity Thabo NtshangasePrije mjesec

    Here after Lebron just won the play-in game after talking up Steph - method to the madness 😉

  38. kian pettersen

    kian pettersenPrije mjesec


  39. Sherwyn Clarke

    Sherwyn ClarkePrije mjesec

    You understand psychology ware fare , and your right he’s gets very tight when he thinks to much , but Lebron is his best when he has no mental distraction

  40. MC Tone

    MC TonePrije mjesec

    Klay was speaking facts about this Queen James gal

  41. Manuel Corpuz

    Manuel CorpuzPrije mjesec

    you need a 2017-2018 warriors team to beat lebron

  42. Some random guy on youtube

    Some random guy on youtubePrije mjesec

    Who’s here from the community post

  43. Bobby O

    Bobby OPrije mjesec

    The Lakers were not underdogs to win, they were easily favorites

  44. ItsPlaylex

    ItsPlaylexPrije mjesec

    def not easily. clippers and bucks were more favorites than the lakers. mainly because people wanted lebron to lose

  45. Alisia Tores

    Alisia ToresPrije mjesec

    The warriors should have won in 2016 and we know it

  46. Nicholas Casapao

    Nicholas CasapaoPrije mjesec

    No wonder he lost in 2011 😂

  47. Porfi

    PorfiPrije 29 dana

    @Calvin Tijares Fax

  48. Focused NBA

    Focused NBAPrije mjesec

    Kyrie played vs the hawks in 2015??

  49. Dominic Jones

    Dominic JonesPrije mjesec

    In order for there to be a "rivalry" the two have to be on equal or close to equal playing fields. The Clippers are not the Laker's rivalry, they are not a winning franchise.

  50. Darrius Williams

    Darrius WilliamsPrije mjesec

    I’m not fooled by lebron NEVER HAVE. THATS MY DAD.

  51. SlimSleeper _

    SlimSleeper _Prije mjesec

    Did u really just say bron balls better when it’s no pressure or expectations? 😂😂😂😂😂 so Boston game 6 down 3-2 @ Boston, win or go home.. that isn’t pressure bro? 🤔 when he dropped 45-15-5 in their building, that wasn’t pressure? I’m confused. Down 3-1 to 73-9 warriors, no pressure? Why? Please don’t say draymond 😂 he got cooked for 45 once he came back. This is a false narrative. Can’t believe you’re pushing that bs

  52. Karam- B

    Karam- BPrije mjesec

    🐐 James

  53. Steve Gallamore

    Steve GallamorePrije mjesec

    They said he only won bc he was in the east. Then he went to the west and won the chip in his 2nd year as the number 1 seed. Last year they said he had an easy run to the chip. This year they're gonna be in the play in game and will have to play all the big dogs. Y'all watch him run through everyone again and rub it in the haters face

  54. Poso White

    Poso WhitePrije mjesec

    Lebron lost kyrie and Kevin during the NBA finals not vs the hawks

  55. Rxnak

    RxnakPrije mjesec

    "We thought the Clippers was gonna win"….. who's the "we"…….

  56. TheSilencer23

    TheSilencer23Prije mjesec

    It’s different nowadays with 24/7 media. Nobody is in the media talking crazy it will get over blown

  57. Jarod Hendricks

    Jarod HendricksPrije mjesec

    Nobody is watching lol 😆

  58. SC

    SCPrije mjesec

    LeBron deserve load management after so many years playin till june but teaming with superstar players is what I'm not aprove...He will never be like MJ Kobe or Curry

  59. 4Pills

    4PillsPrije mjesec

    Lebron sells himself short everytime to boost his agressivness (ง'̀-'́)ง Lions hunt in silence


    DJ TRILLHEN10Prije mjesec

    Dude 4-6 in the finals and got out played by JJ Barea and Jason Terry... don't get me wrong he's an all-time great but everything got to go his way for him to win

  61. kian

    kianPrije mjesec

    Isn’t that always the case? Everything gotta go their way for a win?...

  62. Jake Rojas

    Jake RojasPrije mjesec

    The whole league's rules had to be changed to keep LeBron from winning 8

  63. Russ Deparine

    Russ DeparinePrije mjesec

    2021 Headlines LA Lakers first NBA team to win The Finals after playing the play in tournament

  64. D Fazo

    D FazoPrije mjesec

    It’s called controlling the narrative

  65. Kahari Scarlett

    Kahari ScarlettPrije mjesec

    Your whole argument is shot with one game: all the pressure was on him game 6 2012 against Boston and that dude balled tf out

  66. Mav3ricks Streams

    Mav3ricks StreamsPrije mjesec

    Lebron brought the warriors to 6 the year love and Kyrie were injured

  67. anthony trevino

    anthony trevinoPrije mjesec

    If you ask me this playoffs either proves lebron is immortal and the expectations we put on him as fans finally falter under injury and age OR he fucking wins all of it as the 7th or 8th seed and he’s the unanimous goat. Still with the clips, jazz, suns and so many dangerous team, not even mentioning them playing warriors in playin who knows what happens. The odds are stacked up against the lakers and with AD limping into playoffs (injury wise) id bet against

  68. AnimalBlundetto

    AnimalBlundettoPrije mjesec

    LeBron & AD going back-to-back

  69. 무연탄

    무연탄Prije mjesec

    The only way LeBron can win his way through the playoffs is by manipulating it

  70. Mon dragon

    Mon dragonPrije mjesec

    MJ is the GOAT

  71. Darling J. Canela

    Darling J. CanelaPrije mjesec

    I know it's hard to lose all those times in the final because don't having even a good supporting cast (Except the Dallas one obviously). But my god, some of the Best playoffs series I've seen in my entire life are those in that LeBron had to carry the lesser talented team. No other player in NBA history can make more with less than LeBron.

  72. Lebron’s Burner

    Lebron’s BurnerPrije mjesec

    Look at me setting up traps man,so inspirational

  73. KennyZHogan

    KennyZHoganPrije mjesec

    Was it a trap when them warriors was feasting on him stop the cap it’s anyone’s game rn

  74. Jelani “TheSavorings” Wood

    Jelani “TheSavorings” WoodPrije mjesec

    You are 1000% correct, Sir. He's been doing this since Day One. Perfect example was him sporting that wrist brace after the Finals that time. Like "Yeah WE lost but I was playing hurt." He set that up the game before when he mentioned his wrist seemingly out of nowhere. That was just in case they failed and they did. He also avoids any situation he doesnt have control over. Wonder why he's never even entered a Dunk Contest when clearly he could have won a few? It's not up to him what happens there. He has no teamates or others to shoulder any failures with. He doesn't like being solo'd out and exposed. Also worrying about your own legacy (and using the word legacy to do so) is horrible. No GOAT level player ever worries about that out loud for very long if ever, at least not while they still playing. They respect the game and let the fans and media duke that out. They worry about trying to win. No GOAT ever calls themselves the GOAT either. Don't even get me started on that either or the "Im not worried cause Im the best player in the world" mess. Don't fall for this, kids! LeBron is a beast and you'd have to be a fool not to give the man credit where credit is due but I can't wait for this "LeBron James Era" to be over.

  75. Definitely Tommy

    Definitely TommyPrije mjesec

    Lebron going 6-6

  76. Jay Fxndi

    Jay FxndiPrije mjesec

    That 3-1 comeback. Was some kind of a masterpiece. In my opinion Lebrons The Goat.

  77. shawnkeith2414

    shawnkeith2414Prije mjesec


  78. chrispholla

    chrisphollaPrije mjesec

    master manipulator...

  79. Homeless to Greatness

    Homeless to GreatnessPrije mjesec

    LeReeseHead James

  80. Jerald Albritton

    Jerald AlbrittonPrije mjesec

    Great TV: Lakers vs Clippers and Bucks vs Nets with Lakers vs Nets and Lakers Winning

  81. SolteroConDinero

    SolteroConDineroPrije mjesec

    When the Cavs beat GS, the Warriors were lucky to get past OKC. It was a good win for the Cavs, but the Cavs had Irving and Love so they had a good team as well, arguably better than GS. As far as the Lakers, I have them as my favs. This Laker team is stacked with arguably the 2 best players in the league and other good players that have been Allstars (Gasol, Drummond).

  82. Jason Hill Jr

    Jason Hill JrPrije mjesec

    Skip bayless counting out lebron Just wait till he gets to the playoffs

  83. Frozt

    FroztPrije mjesec

    Whenever analysts or people in general criticise and hate on LeBron, he does the opposite of what they say

  84. Steinerliner 3

    Steinerliner 3Prije mjesec

    This video may age poorly if the Lakers get knocked in the Play in or get bounced in the first round

  85. Steinerliner 3

    Steinerliner 3Prije 14 dana

    @kian You were saying?

  86. kian

    kianPrije mjesec

    But they won’t

  87. kb24shortoreo21

    kb24shortoreo21Prije mjesec

    He called the 2015 hawks a super team 😑 I'm done you earned that down vote

  88. Raz T.

    Raz T.Prije mjesec

    2016 reverse reff balled the Warriors. Tackles, swipes, hugs and holds you name it were not called

  89. ibringnegativity

    ibringnegativityPrije mjesec

    who is giving the lakers or lebron the underdog? I'm just relishing this moment that we might see Lakers and Warriors in the play in

  90. Jose A Valencia

    Jose A ValenciaPrije mjesec

    Media down talking Lakers like they ain't defending champs. They acting like LeGoat left the Lakers like Kawhi left the Raptors championship core. Nah fam NBA about to get another reality check, back2back it is. All haters can line up for the smoke, once season is over y'all gonna be crickets

  91. Mijan A.

    Mijan A.Prije mjesec

    "Like we all thought the Clippers would win" I'm tired of this generalizing bullshit. Just because you guys were all wrong about the Clippers winning doesn't mean you have to project your insecurity onto us too. Some people just aren't idiots and saw the Clippers problems early on.

  92. Josh Delaney

    Josh DelaneyPrije mjesec

    I watched LeBron single handedly drag the 2018 Cavs with Jeff Green and George Hill to the NBA finals including 2 game 7s and sweeping the 1 seeded Raptors. If you want to rule him out go ahead but personally I’ll believe it when I see it

  93. John Rambo

    John RamboPrije mjesec

    Dont fall for that LeBron hairline.

  94. Jahiem Johnson

    Jahiem JohnsonPrije mjesec

    Bron perform when it’s pressure also

  95. Kendal Rush

    Kendal RushPrije mjesec

    Never insult any player in top 5 in the finals you will regret it

  96. Fre$h

    Fre$hPrije mjesec

    The nba is built around lebron period

  97. Jose 713

    Jose 713Prije mjesec

    lebron can be lebron only if he is healthy. he is still human.

  98. Matt W

    Matt WPrije mjesec

    I’ve been saying this for YEARSSSSS. Lebron always tries to make his path seem impossible so when he does it with ease he looks like Superman. Watch lebron come back and destroy the warriors in the play in by 25+ and cruise to the finals.... then all those people that were worried about the lakers will act shocked and praise lebron like he beat the 96 bulls with Jared Dudley as his 2nd best player

  99. Darius Swift

    Darius SwiftPrije mjesec

    Cavs vs Warriors was NOT a rivalry. Warriors won 2-1 in the first 3 series then ultimately 3-1 before they stopped matching up against each other in the finals. That’s not a rivalry. At most, it’s just common opponents.

  100. Solitude Wonderland of Rie

    Solitude Wonderland of RiePrije mjesec

    Lebron is in the class of his own. If their healthy there's no question, they gonna win it.

  101. Facts “KLASSIC” 422

    Facts “KLASSIC” 422Prije mjesec

    Bet haters will say dumb shit like its rigged in lbj favor and all this bullshit.

  102. Onestop Funstop

    Onestop FunstopPrije mjesec

    The LeBron trap is don't be White or he'll get you fired. He's the biggest bigot and racist out there.

  103. Ismail Mohamud

    Ismail MohamudPrije mjesec

    First time watching one of your videos, good stuff

  104. 77

    77Prije mjesec

    Never doubt LeBron....unless he doesn't have 2 other prime all-stars or the best big in the game (misses playoffs or chokes) ...unless he's facing Dirk Nowitzki ...unless he's facing Tim Duncan ...unless he's facing Steph ...unless he's facing Steph and KD ...unless he decides to pass off big shots to cold role players because "it's the right play" IDK man. All those Finals losses, those seasons he didn't even miss the Playoffs, those times he's melted down or choked. Lots of reason to doubt LeBron James.

  105. cenvalleybasketball

    cenvalleybasketballPrije mjesec

    Imagine never doubting someone who has a losing record in the most important sports series lmao...its funny how "HE swept them" or "HE won" but when HE loses, HIS team isnt good enough or the other team was too stacked smh. Its always an excuse for this dude. He hasnt won MVP in yrs which leads to "excuses or conspiracy" and he doesnt win rings like that. let it go guys lmao

  106. Solitude Wonderland of Rie

    Solitude Wonderland of RiePrije mjesec

    Bruhhh I only doubt them because of their health issues but with them fighting with their hearts off even they losses a lot this past week... They still have a chance.. but it's really the HEALTH their biggest ENEMY aside from clippers.

  107. Bolo Conglamorate

    Bolo ConglamoratePrije mjesec

    I'm not giving him no tag of underdog team they the favorites but you know who the underdog that everyone putting down all year THE CLIPPERS keep watching remember what happened with Toronto when everyone and there mother counted out kahwi lol keep watching

  108. Rose Diddy No Relation

    Rose Diddy No RelationPrije mjesec

    This dude channel is for casuals... LeBron balls all the time... WTF is this