Anthony Davis is Literally Their Last Hope..

Anthony Davis is Literally Their Last Hope..

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  1. JohntheTrapper

    JohntheTrapperPrije mjesec

    The World is a better place when Swish is posting daily vids 😂 Please keep goin brother

  2. Michael E

    Michael EPrije mjesec


  3. RodneyRaw42 RPJ

    RodneyRaw42 RPJPrije mjesec

    @SWISHOUT uiiiou is in U

  4. RodneyRaw42 RPJ

    RodneyRaw42 RPJPrije mjesec


  5. ay ru

    ay ruPrije mjesec

    @SWISHOUT u better upload everyday come playoff time and u better want to make those videos jk

  6. ay ru

    ay ruPrije mjesec

    so.. the world a better place come nba playoff time?

  7. Demetrius Evans

    Demetrius EvansPrije 18 dana

    He can't. He's gotta pass it to somebody reliable.

  8. Mvstical

    MvsticalPrije 27 dana

    I just binged watch all these videos and still going 🔥😭

  9. KING DJ

    KING DJPrije 28 dana

    Brons body didn’t fail him...he had a muscular man dive head first into his ankle...and it only got sprained. Lebron is not human he will not age.

  10. Logan Hinton

    Logan HintonPrije 28 dana

    the Bucs comparison was amazing. I believe that’s why they refused to trade tht, I think they’ll have to end of shipping Drummond and kuzma or dennis to find that third star, then it’s just about finding the right fit. I believe they need to go for a really good sg like lavine, Beal, cj to take some of the scoring load off, then find decent rotational big men and continue to develop the younger guys

  11. Chigozie Osuji

    Chigozie OsujiPrije mjesec

    This was my biggest worry when the Lakers traded away all of our young guys. We have 1 chip, an aging Lebron, a historically injury prone Anthony Davis (even worse since he’s a big man) and almost every young piece we traded off is balling 🤦🏾‍♂️ I really don’t want us to be trash again, those late stage Kobe years were not it

  12. Tone Themelodymann

    Tone ThemelodymannPrije mjesec

    My guy! Are you from Chicago by chance?

  13. Tekashi 6ix9ine

    Tekashi 6ix9inePrije mjesec

    Never doubt Lebron

  14. Steve Perkes

    Steve PerkesPrije mjesec

    AD will never be the man to lead a team anywhere. Please call Miami and trade for Bam immediately before Miami figures this out.

  15. The Jimbobway

    The JimbobwayPrije mjesec

    I can’t believe lebron is going to leave soon😔

  16. Boxx Bros

    Boxx BrosPrije mjesec

    Hopefully dame goes to the Lakers after space jam comes out😂

  17. DarkSkyzz

    DarkSkyzzPrije mjesec

    As a Pels fan. That’s a bad hope to keep stock in lmaoooooo

  18. kiwoune mcdonald

    kiwoune mcdonaldPrije mjesec

    Swish lebron is coming back next game calm down

  19. EJ

    EJPrije mjesec

    Just Imagine if we see 2018 playoff lebron again, its over.

  20. juan pagan

    juan paganPrije mjesec

    Smart thing to do trade davis and go into rebuild

  21. HomieOnIce

    HomieOnIcePrije mjesec

    It’s literally not time for lebron to pass the torch

  22. KGM

    KGMPrije mjesec

    i mean if lebron keeps getting injured then he might need to

  23. King Rocky

    King RockyPrije mjesec

    people are so weird like bron wasnt in the mvp race before he got hurt lol

  24. ImYoPlug

    ImYoPlugPrije mjesec

    probably the dumbest video i've ever seen on youtube

  25. Prodigy Qb

    Prodigy QbPrije mjesec

    I hate how AD doesn’t wanna take this team as his, he wanna just let LeBron give it to him like bruh...AD YOU THAT NIGGA G, Or are u just another Allstar No1 guy who teams up with Bron to be his 2nd guy to do all his dirty work so he can keep up his stat lines. This league is a joke and some of y’all don’t see it

  26. SalmoTheFirst

    SalmoTheFirstPrije mjesec

    If AD can stay healthy, he'd do it a long time ago. Also DWade was already breaking down.

  27. Josh Katzenbach

    Josh KatzenbachPrije mjesec

    So nice to hear someone talk about basketball in a casual way without having to go into an intense epic voice all the time...super chill to listen to

  28. Gustavo Monteiro

    Gustavo MonteiroPrije mjesec

    AD is too passive, he will never carry anyone. The Lakers led by him with Lebron aging is what they are in this disastrous season: a 6th or 7th seed.

  29. Jayden Allegakoen

    Jayden AllegakoenPrije mjesec

    Lets gooooo swish

  30. Ratandeep Singh

    Ratandeep SinghPrije mjesec

    yall overexagerrating lakers are fine gah damn yall annoying

  31. rexhunter 27

    rexhunter 27Prije mjesec

    Plotwist It will be caruso and AD

  32. Abdul Babalola

    Abdul BabalolaPrije mjesec

    I mean Dennis Schroeder is a 3rd star

  33. D Baker

    D BakerPrije mjesec

    Why are we acting like wade isn’t only 2 years older?

  34. Mishael Jackson

    Mishael JacksonPrije mjesec

    Bro need to get off GTA and rest his body. A lot of stars aren’t locked in like Bron,Kobe and Jordan were

  35. Hector Matthews

    Hector MatthewsPrije mjesec


  36. Hector Matthews

    Hector MatthewsPrije mjesec

    Lbj is a 🤡

  37. Michael

    MichaelPrije mjesec

    Oh lord more help for lebron. He's got a squad let's not make excuses for the man before the playoffs

  38. Nis

    NisPrije mjesec

    Lebrons getting to 40,000 points he’ll keep on playing

  39. Tommy Arenas

    Tommy ArenasPrije mjesec


  40. Afshin Ghazanfari

    Afshin GhazanfariPrije mjesec

    Bro AD is such a beast at both sides of the court dont worry about the lakers!

  41. james pobjecky

    james pobjeckyPrije mjesec

    As a laker fan I feel like we need another playmaker atleast a tier below LeBron for us to be successful in the future

  42. fufu

    fufuPrije mjesec

    I love you swishoutttttt

  43. The Overlord

    The OverlordPrije mjesec

    I was extremely unsatisfied that he cut short the AD buzzer beater from Game 3

  44. Cato

    CatoPrije mjesec

    2:08 to be fair someone injured him

  45. XaviD

    XaviDPrije mjesec

    This man did not just drop the Consideration instrumentals in the whole video!!

  46. Genald Galicia

    Genald GaliciaPrije mjesec

    after lebron retires, lakers fighting for the playin

  47. Taxtr

    TaxtrPrije mjesec

    Death, taxes, and swish really don't wanna make this video

  48. ace trainer52

    ace trainer52Prije mjesec

    This dude always looks tired af

  49. J Gonz

    J GonzPrije mjesec

    People doubt. Bron Wins. Rinse. Repeat. People still haven't figured it out.

  50. _archiee

    _archieePrije mjesec

    there’s a reason you have 280k subscribers and I have 12 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  51. Lord

    LordPrije mjesec

    LeBron will remind everyone in the playoffs.

  52. Derrick Boswell (Xaddy)

    Derrick Boswell (Xaddy)Prije mjesec

    If you like the video, like the video

  53. William Green

    William GreenPrije mjesec

    I feel AD is so overrated. People keep wanting to say he like a top 5 PF of all time and I wouldn’t even consider him a top 10 tbh. He might like barely make my number 10 spot.

  54. Lemon lazer

    Lemon lazerPrije mjesec

    AD is the man who got me into basketball. Im a new follower of the sport from manchester; UK. Ended up as a Laker fan purely for AD and Bron. Same with Durant and the Nets. From someone who hasn't grown up knowing and watching the sport, watching them 3 play is MINDBLOWING

  55. Arnold Queen

    Arnold QueenPrije mjesec

    I still don’t think bron is a human 😂

  56. Marek Lame

    Marek LamePrije mjesec

    lal need big signin in 2021

  57. NatMesh

    NatMeshPrije mjesec

    We love it bro!

  58. Damien Palmer

    Damien PalmerPrije mjesec

    Video on the Knicks bro PLS

  59. JAE Clips

    JAE ClipsPrije mjesec

    Why would you doubt lebron 🤡

  60. Chris Kollár

    Chris KollárPrije mjesec

    3:43 wdym only in the western conference finals ad was amazing through out the whole playoffs last year

  61. Juniorsweaty

    JuniorsweatyPrije mjesec

    the 3rd star suppose to be Kuz lol

  62. Josh Y

    Josh YPrije mjesec

    great videos.

  63. Jared Thomas

    Jared ThomasPrije mjesec

    i agree. people forget that lbj MISSED the playoffs the year before a.d.

  64. Shamone Music

    Shamone MusicPrije mjesec

    I think ad deserved finals mvp last year but LeBron had a good finals so it isn’t necessarily a steal like it was with Iggy and Steph

  65. jocal9

    jocal9Prije mjesec

    they been saying hes too old for like 5 years Lebron chillin AD got chicken bones doe

  66. BulletproofBasketball

    BulletproofBasketballPrije mjesec

    You'll forgot LeBrons injury was because someone fell on it, it wasn't his body breaking down

  67. taysir mohamed

    taysir mohamedPrije mjesec

    bro u guys are disrespectful an injury cause lebron james not to be the best but as soonest comes back and he is the goat all of the sudden

  68. Dioven Marcial

    Dioven MarcialPrije mjesec

    man, i don't care if other people don't like lebron, basketball will not be the same without lebron whether you like him or not.

  69. Mark Anthony Lo

    Mark Anthony LoPrije mjesec

    If the Lakers wanna go for a 3rd star then hopefully its a young playmaker, Luka/Ja/LaMelo being my personal preferences. If not then hopefully its a 3&D wing, preferably Brown/Tatum. But that's just me tho, carry on

  70. Obito Uchiha

    Obito UchihaPrije mjesec

    Me a chiefs fan when you talked about the Super Bowl: 🥲

  71. 123 cracked

    123 crackedPrije mjesec

    Bro can u do me a favor bd make avid about the impressive but odd legacy of Russell eastbrick btw I don’t want a shout out if you make this a vid

  72. Gabriel Rodriguez

    Gabriel RodriguezPrije mjesec

    People need to understand that lebron is so smart, it'll be like a Chris paul situation he won't be the most talented but without him the team isn't the same. Also I love ad but after this season he needs to rehab correctly if he doesn't he might get a big injury and hurt himself permanently.

  73. Tytus Pobłocki

    Tytus PobłockiPrije mjesec

    Lakers need demar man

  74. Oyame

    OyamePrije mjesec

    AD is a super star calibre player BUT the only problem is, the guy is injuries prone. Not sure how Lakers would build around him post Lebron. Resting him here and there during the regular season would be help I guess with the tight schedule.

  75. Marcus Anthony

    Marcus AnthonyPrije mjesec

    You know the video bout to be heat when Swish ain't wanna make it

  76. ReyElote

    ReyElotePrije mjesec

    Always remember that God loves you always

  77. jbb

    jbbPrije mjesec

    AD been made of glass from the jump

  78. Blake Thomas

    Blake ThomasPrije mjesec

    Great vid but AD is 28 not 29. 1 year is a big difference in the NBA world

  79. Joseph Vernon

    Joseph VernonPrije mjesec

    Ad should stay with the lakers and be the next franchise player he could win after a while like kareem did

  80. Jeff Sokol

    Jeff SokolPrije mjesec

    Andre gon be the 3rd star n you can quote me on that

  81. Jay 242

    Jay 242Prije mjesec

    Keep posting daily these be 🔥

  82. Christian Johnson

    Christian JohnsonPrije mjesec

    If they play the suns they’ll be fine

  83. Samuel Koshy

    Samuel KoshyPrije mjesec

  84. Edmund Attipoe

    Edmund AttipoePrije mjesec

    Love the content king 🙏🏾

  85. Bz Da Rapper

    Bz Da RapperPrije mjesec

    Okay okay okay i agree with you but we all know AD gon get hurt some how some way

  86. BDotVisualz

    BDotVisualzPrije mjesec

    Still on his sack huh?

  87. BDotVisualz

    BDotVisualzPrije mjesec

    @Max Agbodo you clearly dont watch his videos

  88. Max Agbodo

    Max AgbodoPrije mjesec

    Swishout a nets fan 💀

  89. Cee Kill

    Cee KillPrije mjesec

    When LeBron retires or if he isn't healthy moving forward, AD is going to be in the same situation he was in when he was in New Orleans. The Lakers don't have any draft capital or trade assets , they aren't good at developing talent. LeBron is their last hope.

  90. _9ra.

    _9ra.Prije mjesec

    The scary thing people seem to forget after last season, is that AD is massively injury prone. In NOLA, he was always pretty much injured.

  91. Christian Crippen

    Christian CrippenPrije mjesec

    Ad lebron are a worry drummonds doings pretty well that needs to keep pushing and training and have that mamba mentality and same with kcp plus they need to flow good up their offense and that’s all

  92. Rexy Douglas

    Rexy DouglasPrije mjesec

    This makes me think what if the lakers traded Kuzma instead of Brandon Ingram🤔

  93. Landon R.

    Landon R.Prije mjesec

    Swish, I would love to see you make a video on the way Steph is playing this year.

  94. Factor FN

    Factor FNPrije mjesec

    Love the daily uploads 😎 we need a vid on james harden injury tho😋

  95. arrownoir

    arrownoirPrije mjesec

    Davis can’t even lead a pack of lemmings.

  96. The Gooch

    The GoochPrije mjesec

    The Lakers are in trouble when this becomes AD'S team. The guy can't stay healthy and his leadership is questionable at best. We already saw what an AD lead team looks like in New Orleans.

  97. Long Live The Black Mamba

    Long Live The Black MambaPrije mjesec

    Don’t remind me about LeBron 😔

  98. Nehemiah11

    Nehemiah11Prije mjesec

    Davis is key. Lebron doesn't have a lot of weakness's, except he struggles against zones because his pull up and high post game aren't his strong suit. But Davis is at his best passing and scoring out of the high post. So he perfectly fills in for Lebron's weakness. And lebron vise versa.

  99. CantStopGrinding

    CantStopGrindingPrije mjesec

    1:01 👍🏽keep it goin my nigga

  100. Josette

    JosettePrije mjesec

    I love these quick, off the cuff type videos. I like being able to get a daily dose of Swish lol Keep them coming!

  101. Mark Jons

    Mark JonsPrije mjesec


  102. White boy Vell

    White boy VellPrije mjesec

    Keep the grind going my boy 💯💯💯

  103. Chitalu Wilbroad Zimba

    Chitalu Wilbroad ZimbaPrije mjesec

    Tamba Bay defence absolutely smoked pat maholmes. It was beautiful to watch

  104. Mr Zeke

    Mr ZekePrije mjesec

    Bro if I see the AD that played against Phoenix translate to the playoffs then it’s a done deal

  105. Moses De Leon

    Moses De LeonPrije mjesec

    Man all the Lakers gotta do is try n get another star with Bron n AD or at least a all star player y’all really forgetting who AD is shit is getting ridiculous fr but it’s ok y’all gone be on his Dick again soon

  106. Timszy Steelz

    Timszy SteelzPrije mjesec

    LeBron James needs load management in the long term.

  107. Dominic Fabey

    Dominic FabeyPrije mjesec

    It’s been 3 games bro

  108. David George

    David GeorgePrije mjesec

    Awesome video man, great content as always. One area for improvement , it might be just me, but personally I’m not a fan of the looping clips. Something about it is just a little annoying but idk if anyone feels the same way

  109. SAKE 2500

    SAKE 2500Prije mjesec

    I think Bron gon average 20 until he like 40