What the 2018 NBA Draft Proved...3 Years Later

What the 2018 NBA Draft Proved...3 Years Later

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  1. Braddles Harris

    Braddles HarrisPrije dan

    Wtf is this Trae Young hate

  2. Andrew “zeethruw” Giceha

    Andrew “zeethruw” GicehaPrije dan

    This hasn't aged well

  3. KNK Yeung

    KNK YeungPrije 2 dana

    You bring up the Knicks on this……..damn……..

  4. Stephen B

    Stephen BPrije 2 dana

    Hawks fans are fine with getting Trae and Cam Reddish for Luka.

  5. Rodolfo felix

    Rodolfo felixPrije 3 dana

    Mikal is a great fit in phx

  6. Aaron Sanders

    Aaron SandersPrije 5 dana

    MPJ was really gonna be drafted number 1 if he didn’t get hurt. Anybody remember that?

  7. Joker4MVP

    Joker4MVPPrije 6 dana

    This class will be one of the best ever

  8. Napoleon Soares

    Napoleon SoaresPrije 6 dana

    Trae and ayton both balling out in the playoffs rn and Luka sitting at home, feelsbadman

  9. Random

    RandomPrije 6 dana

    mpj will be an all star next year for sure.

  10. Penney Dulany

    Penney DulanyPrije 6 dana

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  11. Dana kaleb

    Dana kalebPrije 7 dana

    Don’t be Stephen A! Learn how to pronounce Luka’s name! hrhave.info/mate/YNhueIKTg5eH36c/video.html

  12. Rohan Nalluri

    Rohan NalluriPrije 7 dana

    nah trae will always be better than MPJ

  13. Our Journey

    Our JourneyPrije 8 dana

    Forgotten⁉️ The one and only the king of Queens New York City 🏙️🌆💪😎 Hamidou Diallo

  14. Jacob Kimm

    Jacob KimmPrije 9 dana

    Mpj balling tho.. him and Shai along with Mikal steals

  15. moses ebenazer

    moses ebenazerPrije 9 dana

    was pretty biased against trae

  16. folumb

    folumbPrije 9 dana

    luka was a steal. top 20 all time when its done, you go literall decades of other #1 picks even before you get a Luka

  17. Aidan Ramsay

    Aidan RamsayPrije 10 dana

    MPJ is such a bust no IQ

  18. Nobody is the name

    Nobody is the namePrije 10 dana

    MPJ hands down is and was the best player in that draft look what happen that last 3 season his team made out the second round while damn near almost the finals over Jason Tatum Celtics and luka mavs

  19. Morgan Ritson

    Morgan RitsonPrije 10 dana

    I'm so fucking tired of people talking about Luca over Trae as if Luca singlehandedly made the Mavs win. As if they weren't already a good team with a potentially HOF coach. As if they didn't get Porzingis. As if they didn't just build the team around him. And as if Trae walked into an organisation that was primed for success. As if Trae's coaches were consistent and successful. As if the Hawks ownership wasn't a complete clusterfuck. Clowns.

  20. Moneybagz Lawson

    Moneybagz LawsonPrije 11 dana

    No miles Bridges?

  21. aguyfromnothere

    aguyfromnotherePrije 12 dana

    Ayton is amazing, Trae Young is amazing, Doncic is amazing. Ayton showed in the playoffs that he is solid and he handled AD.

  22. MR GG

    MR GGPrije 12 dana

    I can't take you seriously when you have takes like imagine Luca in the East he'd be doing the same thing the dominance of the West is one of the biggest myths in sports just not true the championships are split about 50/50 in my lifetime. The biggest difference between the West and East is style of play people just prefer the Western conferences style of play but a lot of those middle of the pack teams if they played the middle of the pack Eastern teams it would be about 50/50 split because they're just middle of the pack teams. Some of the worst teams in my lifetime have been Western conference teams.

  23. Lord Future

    Lord FuturePrije 13 dana

    Been telling people mpj is a gem. He so tuff bro

  24. Alaa Chaar

    Alaa ChaarPrije 13 dana

    U wrong bro t young killing it in the playoffs

  25. jumbo256 old school

    jumbo256 old schoolPrije 14 dana

    If we have learnt anything from the Kwame Brown affair, hall of fame careers can be decided by the team that recruited them. A lot of " busts" just went to the wrong team. So basically most of this "what if" analysis should be taken with a pinch of salt.

  26. ttaylor5387Gaming

    ttaylor5387GamingPrije 15 dana

    When You realize that Trae Young was selected by the mavs, and Doncic the hawks and they were traded on draft night, I think.

  27. Buck Beezi

    Buck BeeziPrije 20 dana

    Lol am I the only one who was weirded out by him casually disrespecting Collin Sexton then immediately moving on without elaborating. Like if you don’t have enough time in your video to show more respect to a young bull like Collin then don’t mention him at all bro. And FYI he’s playing better than Kyrie did during the same time span but put respect on both of their names because it’s up to the coach and GM to build around their talents. Everybody can’t come into the league like Steph and immediately have a system built around his talents. Should have known you were biased when you said Steph was close to the best player in the world but he can’t lead his team to the playoffs. Let me guess, there’s an excuse for Steph but no excuse for Collin Sexton? Tf outa here dude. Ima keep watching yo ass because I like your commentary overall, but I would make a friendly request that you refrain from letting your biases make its way into the commentary. Please and thank you.

  28. Mark Yang

    Mark YangPrije 22 dana

    Man, don't do Luka's name like SAS. Just do the last "c" in "Doncic" like the first "c".

  29. Christian Buna

    Christian BunaPrije 23 dana

    The mushy insect actually overflow because click culturally raise on a daily unit. soggy, magnificent duck

  30. Mr. Seven

    Mr. SevenPrije 23 dana

    Swear I always think your icon is flight till I look at it closely💀

  31. Draymond Green

    Draymond GreenPrije 24 dana

    Suns should have taken Luka but Ayton is proving to be a really good player

  32. Brad Perrotte

    Brad PerrottePrije 25 dana

    how do you make a 2018 draft class video without even mentioning Shai lol

  33. Bernardo Sales

    Bernardo SalesPrije 27 dana

    Man... Sexton trying to make LeBron stay in Cleveland is so funny, I remember seeing that shit live...

  34. Levi

    LeviPrije 27 dana

    8:50 : Uhhhh, yah, the criticism of Kyrie is not that "he cant win" or "he cant be a part of a title winning team", it was that "he cant lead", he would not be the leader of the team doing that. Which he has been demonstrated throughout his entire career and no, the Celtics do not demonstrate otherwise. They were fine before him and fine after him (although there is something weird going on with them, but it has nothing to do with a lack of Kyrie. There's some kind of internal coaching or FO issue they have). There is no irony here with Collin Sexton, its simply that he's not a guy you have leading a team either. And i never understood why people view this as some shot at a player, as if every player is capable of leading a team. No and that's okay. Lets not also forget the people who falsely equate scoring, with leadership.

  35. Instructor Irving Tony Campos Lugo

    Instructor Irving Tony Campos LugoPrije 27 dana

    That Shaq dunk was nasty as f, the one in the clip while talking about Mo and then that nasty dream shake from Hakeem oh my goodness

  36. Guten Abend

    Guten AbendPrije 28 dana

    At least Bagley would eventually feature in many documentaries after Luka wrapped up his career as "The man who was picked before Luka Doncic"

  37. Cody Stahr

    Cody StahrPrije 29 dana

    Imagine Luka and Booker though

  38. Elias Vt

    Elias VtPrije 29 dana

    It goes , Luka ,Trae ,mpj,shai, and Ayton as top rated potential for this draft

  39. Eboy Eman

    Eboy EmanPrije 29 dana

    Colin Sexton funny asl talking about some Lebron lets go back to the finals🤣

  40. YAGpineapple 21

    YAGpineapple 21Prije 29 dana

    this is hilarious!! 😂🤣

  41. GREYHEM1716

    GREYHEM1716Prije mjesec

    He said Trae was drafted 3rd overall.

  42. Tung Nguyen T2

    Tung Nguyen T2Prije mjesec

    As a sixers fan, I want them to draft MPJ but at that time, they have no GM and Brown did the dumbest shit and did what he did. We got pick to trade for Harris but imagine if they got MPJ, Ben and Embiid now. I’m still glad I got confident in MPJ, I invest $6K on his rookie card.

  43. dinewalton

    dinewaltonPrije mjesec

    Trae Young is already better than Doncic, espeically when you look at TS%, Wins, Win Share, and overall efficiency.

  44. K. M.

    K. M.Prije mjesec

    3 years in the NBA and still called Donchick. No problem with saying Vucevic though.

  45. NoFaithNoGlory

    NoFaithNoGloryPrije mjesec

    The "Mikal Bridges' nonsense trade" was probs the greatest damage ever done by Brett Brown to the Sixers (and this is a guy that threw away two PO runs by not managing final minutes and not knowing how to draw plays). It still hurts. And I really love when he plays against us and goes off, bc that's a leason we have to learn. Wouldn't we be scary if he was in the lineup rn...

  46. Young Trey

    Young TreyPrije mjesec


  47. Andrea

    AndreaPrije mjesec

    He hurts me when he says "Luka Donchick"

  48. Taylor

    TaylorPrije mjesec

    there was 2 No.1 picks in this draft and they really fell to 3 (after trading down off the pick) and 14 like theres some real talent from this draft but nobody is making an NBA Final with any of those other guys as their No.1 scoring option

  49. Steven Mathewson

    Steven MathewsonPrije mjesec

    Good video

  50. C S

    C SPrije mjesec

    People keep hating on Mo but he doing his thing now. Vuecvic played too good to cut his minutes. You also critiqued the Wendell Carter trade but we clearly won that trade. Two solid young bigs and 2 first round picks.

  51. TheStol

    TheStolPrije mjesec

    and you still can't pronounce Doncic...

  52. Noah “Neö” de la Rosa

    Noah “Neö” de la RosaPrije mjesec

    Orlando is the fraud not Mo bamba.

  53. Dale oracion

    Dale oracionPrije mjesec

    OMG its been 3 years since Luka and Trae got drafted!

  54. TOOhigh2QuiT

    TOOhigh2QuiTPrije mjesec

    MPJ is balling but feels like he is still growing.

  55. Davaasuren Ariunbold

    Davaasuren AriunboldPrije mjesec

    Luka Doncik

  56. Time Flies

    Time FliesPrije mjesec

    Man I know you want to see MPJ’s talent shine and be unleashed but Denver is literally the best place he could have been drafted to. They took care of him and slowly, but surely, integrated him into the system. Of course they will run the offense through Jokic because the guy is an MVP caliber player, why would they let MPJ take a larger role in the offense? And now that Murray got injured, MPJ is literally the 2nd option for the Nuggets. You can’t find a better environment than that. “If he didn’t play in an offense that was so Nikola Jokic friendly and ran by him, I think this man would be averaging Jayson like numbers or crazy splits like he is shooting right now.” WRONG, if he was playing in any other team he wouldn’t be playing right now because of his injury. The man may have been the next Greg Oden or Jabari Parker. A player who never got to show his full potential because of injuries. Smh stop discrediting Jokic and the Nuggets just because MPJ is developing slowly.

  57. Ken From streetfighter

    Ken From streetfighterPrije mjesec

    Bro you hate on lonzo more than Stephen a and it’s so cringe . That man a bucket now go watch a pelican game

  58. DjangoXXI

    DjangoXXIPrije mjesec

    Trae is averaging 25 and 10 right now and his team is the 4th seed going into the playoffs as of today AND the dude is still improving. Pretty sure Atlanta doesn't regret it too much, both teams came up big time. You make it seem like Atlanta got some kind of scrub or something.

  59. Chip yard

    Chip yardPrije mjesec

    Drafting is hard. Countless brains, money and resources go into trying to get it right and it still goes wrong.

  60. dotcom137

    dotcom137Prije mjesec

    It proved that the Kings are idiots.

  61. Jansean Hernane

    Jansean HernanePrije 5 dana

    It was actually more personal matter because if iirc Divac hates Luka's dad

  62. Han Kim

    Han KimPrije mjesec

    Yo man why you gotta rub salt into the wound of a Bulls fan. Idiot management passing on MJP. He's fire right now.

  63. Chris Cabrera

    Chris CabreraPrije mjesec

    Sacramento punching the air rn

  64. Alenka G.

    Alenka G.Prije mjesec

    Three seasons in and you still pronouncing it Donchik? Serious fail.

  65. Joeymast99

    Joeymast99Prije mjesec

    The algo helped me find this banger. Why are you more informed and composed than anything ESPN can put out. Great video

  66. GBYEN

    GBYENPrije mjesec

    Bam Adebayo there too

  67. McPassion

    McPassionPrije mjesec

    all the Oprahside fans saw this coming.

  68. gary buckets

    gary bucketsPrije mjesec

    i wanted my bulls to take luka, trae, or MPJ. i cried myself to sleep knowing we missed mpj

  69. Drip P

    Drip PPrije mjesec


  70. Derpy Derp1

    Derpy Derp1Prije mjesec

    It's a shame that Mitchell Robinson is injured right now cause if he wasn't the knicks would've beaten the lakers in their last game

  71. Angelo B

    Angelo BPrije mjesec

    Remember when Ayton said “Me and Booker the next Shaq and Kobe” 😭

  72. Justin

    JustinPrije 12 dana

    @Angelo B Can you read my man? Give him 5 years. I don’t want to say that in 5 years he will prove he was worthy of the first pick since Luka was also in this draft, but by year 5, Ayton will be a top 3 center

  73. Angelo B

    Angelo BPrije 12 dana

    @Justin Justin he’s a number one pick bro, idk if you know that or not. I get that he’s a big man and he hasn’t been complete shit but at least before this series he definitely wasn’t playing up to number one pick standards.

  74. Justin

    JustinPrije 12 dana

    @Angelo B You made your comment while the Suns were absolutely terrorizing the western conference lmaoo Ayton averaged 14 and 10 which is actually worse than last year. You must be a brand new NBA fan if you think a big man is gonna play to even half of his potential by year 3. Big men developer way slower than guards. Just keep your mouth shut about Ayton until at least year 5 🤦🏻‍♂️

  75. Angelo B

    Angelo BPrije 12 dana

    @Justin How was I supposed to know that ayton would finally play like a number 1 pick in this playoff series when I made this comment before the playoffs? When in his career before that series he was a bit disappointing

  76. Justin

    JustinPrije 12 dana

    > beats the Lakers in the 1st round who ironically had Shaq and Kobe > is the 2 seed in the fking Western Conference and gets 50+ wins I mean, he’s no Shaq but don’t be shit talking him right now

  77. Wadhah Kathiri (Wk1234)

    Wadhah Kathiri (Wk1234)Prije mjesec

    How would u redraft the first 3 picks now when u saw them so far?

  78. Wadhah Kathiri (Wk1234)

    Wadhah Kathiri (Wk1234)Prije mjesec

    1- doncic 2- young 3- porter Jr.

  79. Enthusiastic Zestful Villainy

    Enthusiastic Zestful VillainyPrije mjesec

    Ayton can actually win a title this year. Phoenix seems right to draft him...or at the very least not very wrong.

  80. Antonio Kirk-Arias

    Antonio Kirk-AriasPrije mjesec

    Technically Atlanta did draft Luca but then they gave him up for Trae

  81. Jesse

    JessePrije mjesec

    mpj good but i don’t like the fact that he averaging 1 assist a game😭

  82. kelan cameron

    kelan cameronPrije mjesec

    Have you seen him play? There's no way that the Nuggets system would allow him to average at least 3 assists. Denver utilizes him as the type of player that when you pass him the ball, you should expect him to score for the team.

  83. walter hank

    walter hankPrije mjesec

    why my computer went black and got stephen a voice

  84. Uchiha

    UchihaPrije mjesec

    "now I really didn't wanna make this video."

  85. Kingston Hawke

    Kingston HawkePrije mjesec

    Y’all be overhyping Luka.

  86. Northoxy

    NorthoxyPrije mjesec

    7.9k liked lets gooo

  87. Terry In Da Chat

    Terry In Da ChatPrije mjesec

    I disagree with Ayton, Ayton only gets 8 to 12 shots a game.. only 8 times this season has Ayton gotten 20 shots.. If he gets the ball like a superstar should then he'll be averaging 20+ points, last season he had 18ppg based off him getting 13 shots a game.

  88. Mario Basic

    Mario BasicPrije mjesec

    3 years later and Luka is still the milion years better than other guys

  89. Connor Nicholson

    Connor NicholsonPrije mjesec

    Since Vuicivitch got trade Mohamed been playing good and has improved a lot in all aspects of the game

  90. Teron Jenkins

    Teron JenkinsPrije mjesec

    It’s not no bamba’s fault the magic sits him on the bench

  91. Enhance Demon

    Enhance DemonPrije mjesec

    I wish the knicks would have taken mpj, i remember watching that draft and was hoping they would have picked him.

  92. Boštjan

    BoštjanPrije mjesec

    WTF. We in slovenia know 2 months before draft that luka goes to Dallas. What is wrong with you people?

  93. Boštjan

    BoštjanPrije mjesec

    Deal was close long before draft. Nachbar and Nesterovic already know that Luka gonna go to dallas at least 6 months before.

  94. gunsmotleyqueen

    gunsmotleyqueenPrije mjesec

    Jalen brunson?

  95. Manohar Rajan

    Manohar RajanPrije mjesec

    Trae has Atlanta out of the play ins in the playoffs

  96. Vr Morul

    Vr MorulPrije mjesec

    still saying his name wrong....smh

  97. Conner Neal

    Conner NealPrije mjesec

    Anybody that watches basketball saw this coming from a mile away lmfao.

  98. William lukens

    William lukensPrije mjesec

    Mikal bridges mom worked for the sixers front office when he got traded #frombrettbrown

  99. SL1CK

    SL1CKPrije mjesec

    You meme on Sexton, but he would have complemented LeBron’s game.

  100. Jansean Hernane

    Jansean HernanePrije 5 dana

    Yeah that's true And what's ironic is that they literally drafted Kyrie 2.0 just a year after losing Kyrie 💀😭


    DOCTAJAYPrije mjesec

    So MPJ is better than Ben Simmons offensively... I can't belive you just said that brother.

  102. Bryson Reed

    Bryson ReedPrije mjesec

    Jesus Christ loves you all so much have faith in him and you shall be saved!!❤️❤️

  103. Hoodie Junior

    Hoodie JuniorPrije mjesec

    Bro Ayton is amazing Monty just holds him back he gets his touches he’s going to dominate.

  104. Lance Washington

    Lance WashingtonPrije mjesec

    Sexton gets a lot of hate 💀 25 ppg year 3 not bad...

  105. Koh Smoger

    Koh SmogerPrije mjesec

    I’m sorry. There is only one Stephen Curry. Trae Young will be a future Trae Young.

  106. Graeme Campbell

    Graeme CampbellPrije mjesec

    you forgot about Shai

  107. JT JT

    JT JTPrije mjesec

    That's dope man...accurate...precise

  108. Danny Du Sports

    Danny Du SportsPrije mjesec

    ayton so much better than embiid on defense by the statistics right now

  109. Ex

    ExPrije mjesec

    I was praying the bulls drafted him that year and when we didn’t I knew it would be a regret and years later I was right!

  110. philly_sports

    philly_sportsPrije mjesec

    The Sixers trading away Mikal Bridges was stupid at the time. It's even stupider in hindsight.