10 Years Later ... They STILL Run the NBA

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10 Years Later ... They STILL Run the NBA

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    Big thanks to Magic Spoon for sponsoring the vid! To try a variety pack, go to → magicspoon.thld.co/SWISHOUT and use code SWISHOUT to get $5 off today

  2. Xavier Davies

    Xavier DaviesPrije 26 dana


  3. prlysis

    prlysisPrije mjesec

    Love your videos man

  4. Stone Decatur

    Stone DecaturPrije mjesec

    Stop comparing Steph Curry to Magic. Curry is a shooting guard.

  5. Pink Panther Is a Legend

    Pink Panther Is a LegendPrije mjesec

    @Smith Will "Idiot Gen-Z Kids" call others idiot Gen Z kids. Also, sorry everyone about the hijacking of these post replies.

  6. Pink Panther Is a Legend

    Pink Panther Is a LegendPrije mjesec

    @Smith Will You kind of act like one.

  7. saucy ca

    saucy caPrije 6 dana

    No James harden :/

  8. Antonio Fields

    Antonio FieldsPrije 6 dana

    Thibedou isn’t just a random guy Chicago hired back then, He’s was already a veteran in the NBA far as coaching personnel.. Since the 90s in fact, he was under Jeff Van Gundy and his knicks teams. He did his homework, that’s why his tenure with the Bulls had such an outcome. Good video still though, keep these coming.

  9. Mike Fratello

    Mike FratelloPrije 16 dana

    Everyone we all grew up watching

  10. Flick3r3d

    Flick3r3dPrije 18 dana

    Bro anyone else hate the white border he uses that makes you think yo screen dirty 😂😂😂

  11. Illjay Victor

    Illjay VictorPrije 20 dana

    This is how you know that this generation of players are not as good and the next generations will never be better than this generation of players

  12. Instructor Irving Tony Campos Lugo

    Instructor Irving Tony Campos LugoPrije 20 dana

    Now the Deron Williams career, is a sad story, you should make a video on it brother, what it could've been, like Brandon Roy and Gregg Oden

  13. Antonio Fields

    Antonio FieldsPrije 6 dana


  14. Instructor Irving Tony Campos Lugo

    Instructor Irving Tony Campos LugoPrije 20 dana

    That plug was smooth

  15. Mykail Cummings

    Mykail CummingsPrije 21 dan

    Another thing to is the medicine and the medical staff's and doctors along with the technology have. Been able to keep these players healthier and able to play longer. Like 35 year old man now is not the same as a 35 year old 10 years like its 35 your olds put there that play like they 25

  16. Random Cat

    Random CatPrije 24 dana

    on one hand we got a lot of young talent but on the other hand we have nothing to replace these guys dominance

  17. Don Slime

    Don SlimePrije 25 dana

    Derrick Rose was 22 when he won the MVP

  18. Winston Smith

    Winston SmithPrije 26 dana

    Black magic BS is Barry Sottero b******* Like golden calves worship Golden Bull worship the Bibulls

  19. Lil Pearrr

    Lil PearrrPrije 26 dana

    40$ box of cereal😂😂 yea lol big shoutout

  20. Devan

    Devan Prije 27 dana

    how Dwayne Cassie stop LeBron as an assistant coach but can't stop him for 4 years with the raptors

  21. Brandon Brown

    Brandon BrownPrije 28 dana

    Crazy how far you came, swish. Been watching you since you had 20k🔥

  22. KC

    KCPrije 28 dana

    hey swish why don’t yu make a video on the clippers they have been so under appreciated.

  23. AngelTV Post

    AngelTV PostPrije 29 dana

    that’s facts curry really the goat


    IMPOSTORSUSPrije 29 dana

    wait till im in my tenth year

  25. jhskasgs

    jhskasgsPrije 29 dana

    8:43 all these players sorry asl except for Russ

  26. jhskasgs

    jhskasgsPrije 29 dana

    LeBron the softest player of all time, not even top 100 in my opinion

  27. cgsr

    cgsrPrije 29 dana

    its amazing how good those old dogs still are cp3 bron curry jj redick still good iguodala joe ingles in 6th man of the year conversation its crazy how the older players are fairing i mean curry should be leaving his prime and is having a season that competes with his unanimous mvp season as his best one ever and lebron seems to be reverse aging and is still in his prime jj redick is still hitting shots as efficiently as ever and cp3 is dropping dimes by the dozen and somehow the oldest on this list iggy is still a crucial role player on a team that made the finals last year oh and joe ingles looking like a favorite in the 6th man of the year. and that doesnt even scratch the surface of the best oldest players in the nba just so you know the average prime is roughly 26-31 but these guys out here putting father time in the spin cycle and jamming one in on his head

  28. Anuj Shetty

    Anuj ShettyPrije 29 dana

    6:38 Swish love your videos man. But just one thing. Steph didn't get passed up 8 times. He was the 7th pick. Not the 9th pick. The 8th pick belonged to new York who wanted to draft Steph and 9th pick belonged to Toronto Golden State had the 7th pick. The 5th and 6th belonging to Minnesota who passed on Steph twice and ironically chose 2 different point guards aside from Steph Worst decision in franchise history 😂

  29. Axel Gio Sido

    Axel Gio SidoPrije 29 dana

    So Dwane Casey regretted for doing that because he created Lebronto.

  30. The Legend

    The LegendPrije 29 dana

    10 years ago the pacers could've made it to the finals twice

  31. BME DeVb1997

    BME DeVb1997Prije 29 dana

    CP3 is a top 10 PG of all time rn and people really used to debate deron Williams was better😂😂😂😂

  32. Alfred Santino

    Alfred SantinoPrije 29 dana

    Wish deron Williams lasted as long as them

  33. Shenator Palpatine

    Shenator PalpatinePrije 29 dana

    Swish was being held hostage and forced to make videos. Now he can make videos he wants to

  34. Jacob M

    Jacob MPrije 29 dana

    curry is not even close to magic he's way better. curry > lebrom and mj

  35. George ____

    George ____Prije 29 dana

    Great video man

  36. George ____

    George ____Prije 29 dana

    Kobe got injured and played a majority of his career in a different era of basketball than lbj

  37. Shawn Mxndev

    Shawn MxndevPrije 29 dana

    Plugged in that ad smoothly 😂

  38. Nikolas Frisco

    Nikolas FriscoPrije 29 dana

    Crazy how some players careers pan out over a decade. Rose and Howard were MVP candidates and now they’re key bench players. Then you take it to Lebron and you realize this man has basically been an MVP candidate for at least 10 years straight. Great video again

  39. Jag (JAGIII)

    Jag (JAGIII)Prije 29 dana

    Neva Miss

  40. Ebenezer John

    Ebenezer JohnPrije 29 dana

    I don’t that j Cole forbidden fruit instrumental

  41. timothy bruns

    timothy brunsPrije 29 dana

    Dirk KG and Timmy are the three biggest game changers of the last 2 decades. If you look at how the league is now all the best bigs are copies of these man KP is a mix of all three on his best, KAT is Dirk 2.0 and you got many bigs making inside outside shots like Timmy. It's crazy how important these man were for the league, these are probably the three of the best of all time at what they did.

  42. Joseph Vernon

    Joseph VernonPrije mjesec

    Chris paul underrated he always super close to 50/40/90

  43. Joseph Vernon

    Joseph VernonPrije mjesec

    Lebron deserved 5 if not 6 consecutive mvps during his prime

  44. Joseph Vernon

    Joseph VernonPrije mjesec

    Lebron was the only one dominating 10 years ago

  45. Alex Martinez

    Alex MartinezPrije mjesec

    You stay sucking off Westbrook. “WEsTbRooK doNt gET eNOgh kRediT”. Literally everyone says this and it’s annoying. Dude is only relevant in the regular season. Stop supporting this trash.

  46. Ena Nebres

    Ena NebresPrije mjesec

    Amazing video

  47. EmberTim

    EmberTimPrije mjesec

    I realize a lot of people say they love when swish says “i didn’t want to make this video” but i can’t be the only one who kinda rolls their eyes. Cuz the more he says it the less i believe it. No hate i love the channel and content. I know he didn’t say it this video I’m just sayin.

  48. Under rated

    Under ratedPrije mjesec

    Lebron is the greatest scorer of all time due to his longevity. Funny thing is lebron has always been a past first

  49. Yooo Bxndino

    Yooo BxndinoPrije mjesec

    No kd?

  50. Yooo Bxndino

    Yooo BxndinoPrije mjesec

    Oh never mind 8 minutes in the video😂

  51. Siegel Gaming

    Siegel GamingPrije mjesec

    Westbrook and steph didnt really run anything 10 years ago tho

  52. Isaac Keigwin

    Isaac KeigwinPrije mjesec

    Fun fact: Steph's seven games this year with at least 10 threes is so far beyond unprecedented, its two full games more than any other NBA player has... in their career.

  53. Steph Chef Curry

    Steph Chef CurryPrije mjesec

    5:56 38 years old 🤓

  54. devin tha god

    devin tha godPrije mjesec

    Me and my bitch took a lik trip down to the garden took lik dip

  55. TheCudder4life

    TheCudder4lifePrije mjesec

    Westbrick sure is "running" the choke in the playoffs department. Another disappointing show yesterday.

  56. Jerm150289

    Jerm150289Prije mjesec

    Kobe was performing at an elite level before he tore his Achilles, so that’s the reason he looked finished by the time he retired. He was never the same after that and LeBron has never had such a serious injury like that so would look better at the same age of 37.

  57. homesickgame

    homesickgamePrije mjesec

    Tom Thibbs is the reason Drose got injured

  58. Josué Souza

    Josué SouzaPrije mjesec

    People don't go crazy about CP3's dominance/longevity because LeBron is doing it too, otherwise we would be like "MVP CANDIDATE AT YEAR 16TH? DUDE'S A LEGEND". I feel like both Curry and CP3 are 2 of the most (if not the most) talented PGs ever.

  59. Greenlukesky

    GreenlukeskyPrije mjesec

    Me who doesn’t eat cereal looking at that ad: hmmmm interesting

  60. Yolo Boy

    Yolo BoyPrije mjesec

    Repent and get right with god before it’s too late

  61. JamesFred Kearney

    JamesFred KearneyPrije mjesec

    “In 0…10!” Love the unscripted you be doing

  62. Prodigy Enigma

    Prodigy EnigmaPrije mjesec

    Remember when Kobe fans hated Lebron 10 years ago? Yeah, that WAS me. Now I think Lebron is in the GOAT conversation.

  63. Lol smile

    Lol smilePrije mjesec

    Russ still running running out of the playoffs

  64. Joel Steere

    Joel SteerePrije mjesec

    Fire video, great toppic!

  65. TamilBoyz

    TamilBoyzPrije mjesec

    imagine being in a coma for 10yrs and waking up to see this

  66. AdimDaDream

    AdimDaDreamPrije mjesec

    That transition into magic spoon 😂😂😂😂 this dude swish out is a genius

  67. Nov3m

    Nov3mPrije mjesec

    Kobe dealt with many injuries when he was 37 lebron didnt so why u try to compare them

  68. FuTv

    FuTvPrije mjesec

    timeline vid king

  69. Jay JJ

    Jay JJPrije mjesec

    That add transition was too smooth homie congrats on the sponsor g


    ABEL SHOEDONPrije mjesec

    The temporary tailor prognostically bore because lathe conventionally vanish regarding a idiotic plow. fast, gray greasy great cold

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    Forbidden Fruit in the background, I see you Swish!

  72. balltalkdeep

    balltalkdeepPrije mjesec

    this video was a nice time machine

  73. JK number5

    JK number5Prije mjesec

    Kobe had a career ending injury. He still managed to play till the wheels fall off. You can't compare James health 18 to Kobe career

  74. Nathan Bernstein

    Nathan BernsteinPrije mjesec

    amazing video, but what about meloooooo?

  75. KJack Timothy

    KJack TimothyPrije mjesec

    My only question is why Dwight loosened up now🧐

  76. Odesza

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    “Rewind back the time” bro cmon lol

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    All right man..... (Imitating swish)

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    I'm finna throw this link in bleacherreports next post

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    If it wasn’t for swish out daily uploads and my charger I wouldn’t get notifications 😭

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  81. JuniorbeastYT

    JuniorbeastYTPrije mjesec

    Steph Challenges Magic Johnson for Best Point Guard ? You sure He didn't pass him Already Because To Me I'm Picking Steph Any Day

  82. Gabriel Rodriguez

    Gabriel RodriguezPrije mjesec

    Cristiano felicio dominating to this day my boy stop the disrespect.

  83. Sebastian Negron

    Sebastian NegronPrije mjesec

    Man I’m gonna miss those crazy Westbrook dunks😕😕😕😕

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    The iconic "Aight men" is missing though....

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    Not 010 😕😂😂 Ik what you mean it just caught me off-guard

  87. FILZ F

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    YesSiRr!! Mate.. 100%👍👍👍& suBB!! This video was very interesting, informative and very entertaining!! Definitely gottA Appreciate these Blokes Right NOW!! Yes.. WoW!! ..Who would've known?! Thankz for sharing Mate... Definately wouldn't mind a few more of these types video!! Lol!! Good stuff!! You take it easy and Stay Safe out there big FellA!!

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    Man idk why but your videos are addictive

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  90. 3loaded

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    ima life time laker fan but curry>magic

  91. Shane

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    Almost traded Steph and Klay? 🤯

  92. Joseph Musabyimana

    Joseph MusabyimanaPrije mjesec

    Swishout > jimmy highroller

  93. Howitzer XO

    Howitzer XOPrije mjesec

    Took stephs whole career to reach puberty

  94. Jacion Bryant

    Jacion BryantPrije mjesec

    Russle Westbrook is a top 5 pg all time

  95. Jacion Bryant

    Jacion BryantPrije mjesec

    Bulls nation drose bulls nations Zach lavin

  96. Jacion Bryant

    Jacion BryantPrije mjesec

    Bulls nation Zach lavin bulls nation drose

  97. Jacion Bryant

    Jacion BryantPrije mjesec

    That crazy how 10 years changed a lot

  98. Jacion Bryant

    Jacion BryantPrije mjesec

    I have not watch a swish out video In a minute you the goat 🐐 bro 😎

  99. OraSama

    OraSamaPrije mjesec

    That Kobe lebron comparison isn’t fair to Kobe because Kobe tore his Achilles if he didn’t he would’ve been better in his years after the tear

  100. Jonthedon Topic

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    So ummm you showed kd but didn’t talk bout kd 👀

  101. epicthugninja

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    I just realized I ain't shit. I been watching your videos for years and I just now realized I'm not subscribed. Subscribed now bro keep the vids coming for these playoffs

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    Banger vid

  103. Tan

    TanPrije mjesec

    Derrick Rose could become an All-Star if he started and took more shots.

  104. Chitalu Wilbroad Zimba

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    Bro said daily videos but there's a 4 day gap 😕

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    Swish you a real one

  106. Tan

    TanPrije mjesec

    10 years ago: PG: D Rose (MVP) SG: Kobe (reigning champs) SF: LeBron (choked in the finals that year) PF: Dirk (Finals MVP) C: Dwight (DPOY) Now: PG: Steph (Greatest shooter and still balling) SG: Harden (was 6th man 10 years ago) SF: LeBron (reigning champs and only person on both teams) PF: KD (back like he never left but on a superteam again) C: Jokic (Unicorn and possibly MVP?)

  107. Jamal Traub

    Jamal TraubPrije mjesec

    Such a timely topic! I was feeling this exact same thing the other day!