Everything that Went Wrong with the 2021 Lakers..

Everything that Went Wrong with the 2021 Lakers..

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  1. Queen Helebron

    Queen HelebronPrije 2 dana

    Imo you cant focus on defence in todays NBA.This LA with handchecking rule on would be dominant.In age of no defence and 3pt shooting they try size and defence... They need shooters and healthy LBJ and AD.

  2. Jayden Allegakoen

    Jayden AllegakoenPrije 3 dana

    Great video bro u brought some rlly good points

  3. diego Zepeda

    diego ZepedaPrije 3 dana

    Duncan never called himself the goat, that's the difference

  4. Unknown Name

    Unknown NamePrije 3 dana

    Leflop still there..

  5. Marshall carter

    Marshall carterPrije 4 dana

    He should mint be in the conversation with Jordan lol

  6. ChiGuy251

    ChiGuy251Prije 4 dana

    The reasons this loss holds weight are 1. LeBron stans been holding on this first round record like the big joker for years, they always brought up MJ's first round losses in the first three years of his career like it was all he did so first round losses don't mean anything now huh? 2.The way he went out, he has a history of doing passive aggressive things that show up his teammates like leaving the court early and there's the not shaking hands thing, when he wins he has all the time to shake players hands and dap ppl up but when he loses he's too good to extend them that same courtesy?

  7. Christian B

    Christian BPrije 4 dana

    With the whole Tim Duncan think the reason it didn’t hurt his legacy is because people don’t call him the goat and say he’s the best. The reason why this will hurt lebron is because with all the fake flops he did and walking down the court and leaving early is a losers mentality jordan never did that kobe never did that. They were always giving 100% even is lebron is old he should still be giving 100% I mean he spend $1million in his body every year so he should be in the best shape to give 100%

  8. World Tsunami

    World TsunamiPrije 6 dana

    CP3 danced on your graves, you guys can make a million videos to cry like little bitches, but at least grow a pair. Admit your team made a mistake getting super fragile.

  9. World Tsunami

    World TsunamiPrije 6 dana

    Wow, Laker Fans such little bitches. Never mind Lakers had 3-4 months off last year right before the bubble. Lakers made a decision to trade for Captain Fragile, Anthony Davis. You made your bed, now lay in it guys.

  10. John Doe 2:30

    John Doe 2:30Prije 7 dana

    That 4 months rest did AD wonders only the second year in his career he played more than 70 games.

  11. Sedih eternally

    Sedih eternallyPrije 7 dana

    This is just pure karma by disrespecting the jazz

  12. naturalfitness23

    naturalfitness23Prije 7 dana

    They lost because of Glasstony Davis and SpaceJamJames no need to make a video

  13. Jake

    JakePrije 7 dana

    Dennis shroeder ain’t that guy

  14. Luis Ibarra

    Luis IbarraPrije 7 dana

    You’re rooting for the nets 🤢🤮

  15. Kevin Ric Balberab

    Kevin Ric BalberabPrije 8 dana

    What what what?????????

  16. Isaiah Church

    Isaiah ChurchPrije 8 dana

    subscribed btw bro

  17. Isaiah Church

    Isaiah ChurchPrije 8 dana


  18. oscar sainz

    oscar sainzPrije 8 dana

    ppl expecting lebron to still be a god is a testament to his greatness glad i never hated one of the greatest is on his way out soon :(

  19. DerkuiDerkui

    DerkuiDerkuiPrije 8 dana

    Lakers have no excuses. They had a short offseason, but before the bubble, everyone had 4 months off. The only reason they use that as an excuse is if you have older players that need rest.

  20. qt2ez

    qt2ezPrije 9 dana

    I was with you all the way until you gave an excuse to root for the Nets.

  21. Easier Said with Dito

    Easier Said with DitoPrije 9 dana

    Not even two minutes in… no way this dude is going to make a 10 min video of excuses

  22. Amphilol

    AmphilolPrije 9 dana

    No one gonna give credit to the suns for playing an amazing gameplan and executing properly. Sure the lakers missed some good looks but so did suns too

  23. LaughAtHimAgainJB

    LaughAtHimAgainJBPrije 9 dana

    it was more than just injuries, we were never going to win a championship this year. not when our two best players are a 7 foot cupcake and an old man with minimal technical skill, and the rest of the team was built as if 90s basketball was still a thing. i believe the lakers are in a pretty messed up situation rn as a franchise. i can understand giving AD a max deal as he's supposed to be our young star going forward but if you looked at him too hard he'd hurt himself, as for lebron we gave a 36 year old slasher $85 million when we could have used that money on players who can actually ball, players that can actually handle the ball, run the offense and shoot no funny shit i would trade lebron for a younger star, preferably jayson tatun but no way in hell the celtics take that trade

  24. theiconiumfoundation

    theiconiumfoundationPrije 10 dana

    The league should retire the number 23 #jordan

  25. Alexa Chantal Mulder

    Alexa Chantal MulderPrije 10 dana

    Yes they had a shorter offseason but Lebron and Davis also only played half the season so rest is no excuse

  26. Knicks Knoggin

    Knicks KnogginPrije 10 dana

    Hate to say it but your just making excuses for the Lakers in this one . At the end of the days that’s basketball and if your team can’t keep up without the stars , and than with the stars lose in the first round , somethings very wrong in multiply direction and I get what you’re saying . But they could of beat the suns , just seems like the suns wanted it x10 more at the end

  27. AMPR !

    AMPR !Prije 10 dana

    Stop making excuses bc Chris Paul was injured so that cancels out AD. Ur telling me the “Best player in the world”, the guy that “makes everyone better”, and the “gOaT” can’t even compete against devin booker, getting blown out by 30 every game? LeMickey ring don’t count.

  28. HennySm1th

    HennySm1thPrije 10 dana

    5:01 swishout sounded mad funny here.

  29. MX Hughes

    MX HughesPrije 10 dana

    Ppl glossing over the fact that AD came into the season outta shape which lead to his inconsistencies and possibly lead to his injuries so he deserves some blame in this and ppl can't have it both ways you can't brag about LeBron being 36 and averaging 25,7 n 8 a game sayin he ain't lost a step but when his team gets smoked y'all wanna use his age to make excuses c'mon ppl 😄😄

  30. Dewane Welch

    Dewane WelchPrije 10 dana

    No I don't want any excuses. If LBJ would have done good this playoff it would have boosted his career. So if you do bad it counts also. If Jordan age 39 and 40 year count ofcourse these do to.

  31. Zaka Bou

    Zaka BouPrije 11 dana

    All these people talking like the suns didnt luck out. They only lost because of AD’s injuries. If i blame someone it are ADs weak legs.

  32. Quinton Cornelius

    Quinton CorneliusPrije 11 dana

    Lmao this is Lebron excuse channel I swear

  33. Aldwin Flores

    Aldwin FloresPrije 11 dana

    Ill trade AD to any mid tier super healthy player. Goodness. AD has a glass chin.

  34. D

    DPrije 11 dana

    Lebron failed to step up in playoffs, he said a STORM was coming ...

  35. beboasu

    beboasuPrije 11 dana

    I’m Not making any excuses …. Proceeds to make excuses

  36. Morbz Anubis

    Morbz AnubisPrije 11 dana

    Aight, man...

  37. Mark Joseph Castillo

    Mark Joseph CastilloPrije 11 dana

    Major contirbution to them winning the championship was the Heat getting injured. Only fitting that injuries played a major role in them losing.

  38. Dayvideo

    DayvideoPrije 11 dana

    They lost McGee


    XZAVIER-DAA-GODPrije 11 dana

    Not all the lakers fans are the same

  40. Jake Murphy

    Jake MurphyPrije 11 dana

    I’m disappointed. No “I didn’t wanna make this”

  41. Freedom Seed Planter

    Freedom Seed PlanterPrije 11 dana

    Beta boy Lechina James who supports slavery... You will never be Jordan

  42. Tokyo Fart

    Tokyo FartPrije 11 dana

    This was kool

  43. LadySniperSwagg

    LadySniperSwaggPrije 11 dana

    Like you said the mix of Lebron fans with the lakers franchise is DISGUSTING lol

  44. Matthew Ray (PRO COD athlete)

    Matthew Ray (PRO COD athlete)Prije 11 dana

    Wasn’t Tim Duncan way older then lebron in year 17. Like I thought Tim played 4 years at wake so he would have been 21-22 when drafted. Brown was 18. The year argument doesn’t work fan. Try using an age argument. Other then that good video People will never give enough credit to good chemistry. That’s why the lakers lost imho.

  45. Lady Wolf

    Lady WolfPrije 11 dana


  46. Rings of Jupiter

    Rings of JupiterPrije 11 dana

    Nothing went wrong, James's poor leadership came through yet again

  47. Chief Uchiha

    Chief UchihaPrije 11 dana

    Fuck the nets. Let's go Bucks

  48. Rayno CWH

    Rayno CWHPrije 11 dana

    Schroder, KCP, kuzma, drummond. These need to go.

  49. ricardovero Mariguez

    ricardovero MariguezPrije 11 dana

    The dude that wanted Drummond in LA the most was LeBron himself--and he made it happen. That's Bron's calling card, he assembles teams like a GM. Let's not forget it was LeBron tampering on the Pelicans that got AD to the Lakers, and the Lakers got fined for poaching AD..That what he does.

  50. Holden

    HoldenPrije 11 dana

    You can legit pose the question of whether this first round exit was more or less damaging to his legacy than another finals loss.

  51. Drunken Master II

    Drunken Master IIPrije 11 dana

    Wtf Wade showed the way to Lebron as the oldest guy? Dude they have a 3 years difference and they got drafted the same year. Not that I don't agree with what you're trying to say, but that was a bad exemple of an older player showing the way.

  52. A Love

    A LovePrije 11 dana

    Lakers traded playoffs vets for dudes who never been past the second round. Scroddem, Harrell, and Drummond have zero experience compared to Dwight, Mcgee, Rondo., and Green. By the way, the 4 guys I just mentioned are still in the playoffs.

  53. Salai Lindsey

    Salai LindseyPrije 11 dana

    And aa

  54. Lancethelion Gaming

    Lancethelion GamingPrije 11 dana

    Fun fact Chris Paul took out tim Duncan after the ring in 14 and bron after the ring in 20

  55. John Riosa

    John RiosaPrije 11 dana

    Give credit to the suns, damn.

  56. Donte Harris

    Donte HarrisPrije 11 dana

    It’s really crazy to think 104 team ppl would’ve been like top 5-10 10 years ago and now that’s 29th lmao

  57. RM

    RMPrije 12 dana

    Lebron's team often be playing 4v5. Aging? 37? Bullshit. So many plays where he's standing there doing absolutely nothing, not even bothering to run back down the court to defend while his 4 teammates scramble to defend against 5. You giving him too many excuses. You would never EVER see MJ, Kobe, Wilt, Kareem, Hakeem, Oscar, Bill, Tmac, Iverson, Duncan, Nowitzki do that. And all those real greats don't even FLOP.

  58. G Lyle

    G LylePrije 12 dana

    I said we lost a lot on defense, what with Danny Green clearly being better than Mathews and Avery Bradley being one of our best defenders. I did like Schroeder tho, so I wasn’t TOO upset about that one. But the big play is what really worried me, with Montrezl being a 6’7” center who can’t shoot OR guard wings, and Marc Gasol being an iceberg who can’t play D whatsoever. That was definitely a downgrade to me what with specifically Dwight being a constant lob threat, and the third best defender on our team last year. The Lakers gained 2 guys who were primarily good at scoring-but didn’t fit into the offense-while also getting worse on D. Despite all that, I think we could’ve made the Finals but injuries stole that playoff run from us.

  59. Random things

    Random thingsPrije 12 dana

    I don’t wanna hear it he doesn’t deserve no excuses

  60. xXxteNtaCLes RIP

    xXxteNtaCLes RIPPrije 12 dana

    "LeBron for Wade" Wade winning a ring first:👀👀

  61. place 2 rest

    place 2 restPrije 10 dana

    Been looking for this comment. I had no idea what swish was saying about lebron and wade. Besides, they both came from the same draft class! Totally bad analogy for magic-kareem & kobe-shaq.

  62. Aaron hockey

    Aaron hockeyPrije 12 dana

    This Lakers team is not working out they need a full rebuild

  63. Showtime Nick

    Showtime NickPrije 12 dana

    I only disagree that it doesn't hurt his resume. It doesn't take a huge hit but it takes a small hit. Not just because he lost but the fact that he just gave up once AD got hurt. Now yes the Lakers were at a disadvantage once he went down, but that's no excuse for him to just lay over until it's a blow out and then pad his stats. It's no excuse for him to not lead by example. I get that he is aging and I get that he had an ankle injury, but that kind of body language of just giving up is not how you lead by example. He is still 100% an all-time great though. And I do still say last year's championship was legitimate and I thank him for that. But it is not the first time ever just decided to quit when the going got tough and that's unacceptable.

  64. Fit Fanatic

    Fit FanaticPrije 12 dana

    Lebron : my team and I was injured thats why we lost Most teams in the NBA in 2020 : we know your pain

  65. Rik mcDik

    Rik mcDikPrije 12 dana

    “I was born with glass bones and paper skin. Every morning, I break my legs, and every afternoon, I break my arms. At night, I lie awake in agony until my heart attacks put me to sleep.” -Anthony Davis

  66. abhishek mishra

    abhishek mishraPrije 12 dana

    Let's go lakers, we coming back next year

  67. Cody Baxter

    Cody BaxterPrije 12 dana

    Quick answer, Chris Paul

  68. BJ

    BJPrije 12 dana

    Something wasn't right when they signed him

  69. rain Santiago

    rain SantiagoPrije 12 dana

    As they say it looks great on paper its about the chemistry.

  70. Sav Yonko

    Sav YonkoPrije 12 dana

    If you let these Bronsexuals & Lakers fans tell it the Lakers delt with the most injuries, Jaylen Brown OUT, Jamal Murray OUT, KD came back from a FUCKING achilles rupture & had a hamstring tear & Harden had a hamstring injury, Donovan Mitchell was hurt for many games, Giannis too & Joel Embiid. Just because you wasn’t able to beat up on Suns team with their second best player injured while your 2 SUPERSTARS being healthy doesn’t mean it wasn’t fair YOU LOSS.

  71. Richard Philbert

    Richard PhilbertPrije 12 dana

    Lebron is held to a higher standard because the media and Lebron fans continue to say he’s the best player in the league. Tim Duncan was clearly a shell of himself on offense and Kawhi was the best player on the team by his Year 18 season.

  72. Shea McGladdery

    Shea McGladderyPrije 12 dana

    Curry for MVP

  73. Rising Kid-etx

    Rising Kid-etxPrije 12 dana

    5:41 kinda reaching there ngl ebook yeah

  74. Daily Struggle

    Daily StrugglePrije 12 dana

    Losing in 1st round didn't hurt Duncan because his legacy isn't the "GOAT", but Lebron is. Lebron's standard is high because his standard is the "GOAT" standard. If we are talking Lebron as top 7-20 player instead of the GOAT, then yeah this loss didn't hurt his legacy.

  75. The AFL Yank

    The AFL YankPrije 12 dana

    Great Video Swish, as a Lakers Fan, I'm just hoping that everything goes right for us heading into next season.

  76. Alex Allen

    Alex AllenPrije 12 dana


  77. Corey Carrion

    Corey CarrionPrije 12 dana

    9:00 "Lakers fans are irritating. They're just irritating." I paused the video immediately to subscribe then saw I was already subscribed 😂

  78. Caleb M.

    Caleb M.Prije 12 dana

    Tim doesn’t have that again as this resume because everyone knows Tim Duncan isn’t on Lebron’s level of skill and all that like Lebron is better than Tim Duncan and we know that. So when people compare Lebron to guys they think are better like Jordan or Kobe that’s going to be viewed differently because Lebron isn’t Tim Duncan, he’s better

  79. Lemance Moss Jr

    Lemance Moss JrPrije 12 dana

    Right. It was inevitable. Since it’s LeBron, everybody just wanted to see if he can make magic happen again, which has truly become required of him. Couldn’t do it this year 🤦🏾‍♂️

  80. bovedli

    bovedliPrije 12 dana

    Good video, I pretty much agree with everything. It was a very unlucky season for the Lakers.

  81. The Refs

    The RefsPrije 12 dana

    LeExcuse is too old and too slow, he's been missing free throws and lazy on defense. Drummond was a 30/20 center on a bad team but didnt have enough time to learn to play the LeCoach system, and i dont want to talk about Mr. Anthony "injury" Davis.

  82. Brian O

    Brian OPrije 12 dana

    lol meh

  83. Valavhan Kathir

    Valavhan KathirPrije 12 dana

    I remember a week ago lots of people were saying that the lakers were gonna make it to the finals vs the nets. They were going like “lakers in 5” on every post, it just got annoying.

  84. Fuad Hassen

    Fuad HassenPrije 12 dana

    Nice video bro

  85. ky kai

    ky kaiPrije 12 dana

    what u said in the beginning was me asf😒😪🤦🏾‍♂️ . ill prolly trade ad for damian lillard no cap. im about tired of all them goofy injuries.

  86. Michael Trenier

    Michael TrenierPrije 12 dana

    Ok. Michael Jordan went back to back. Played the damn olympics FULL OUT. Then went and had the greatest finals performance of all time. I don’t want to hear NOTHIN about time between seasons when they had months off due to COVID my guy. 🧢 The Lakers role players followed Lebron lead. He was TRASH in attitude and leadership. Lebron was NEVER an MVP candidate that’s media narrative. Stop. AD is the best player on the Lakers. That’s why they lost. Without AD Lebron did NOT MAKE THE PLAYOFFS. That is a FACT. Stop the damn excuses.

  87. Brian

    BrianPrije 12 dana

    Dude dame would be amazing. Ik he don't like super teams but damn would that be a strong team

  88. Mrballerize

    MrballerizePrije 12 dana

    "They blew up everybody's bracket." Lol speak for yourself. I won a whole lot of money because of that series. 😂

  89. Nkosana Roy

    Nkosana RoyPrije 12 dana

    lakers needed RELIABLE 3pt shooters!!!! only...AD, Lebron and Drummond with a proper 3pt shooter like Gary Trent Jr or Seth Curry would beat most teams.

  90. COnnor_Curry -in-5

    COnnor_Curry -in-5Prije 12 dana

    Salmon hill dove for that ball like it was his 1 day contract

  91. Matheus Zaché

    Matheus ZachéPrije 12 dana

    I hate to say I told you so after everything went to hell but as a fan I have to comment: when I saw how the team was playing after AD was out, I knew we weren't going to win this season. The offense is sterile even with LeBron to set the the pace. Unfortunately, the trades didn't do any good. Schroder didn't work, Wes was even worse, and Gasol is not the player Lakers thought he would be anymore. It happens, but I refuse to see Lakers in the same spot as Miami. The heat didn't change the roster not near enough to what the Lakers had, plus the most of the team main scorers were on court against the Bucks, and they were swept. Lakers were swept without AD, 3-0. And finally, LeBron after the Hawks injury was never himself in this season. I hope he makes a comeback next one, but he can't do it alone. No one can.

  92. Buck Nasty

    Buck NastyPrije 12 dana

    There it goes again. LeChina not "BEING THE SAME "

  93. Buck Nasty

    Buck NastyPrije 12 dana

    Be scared if ad slips in the shower I'm over here DYING JAJAJAJA 🤣🤣 🤣

  94. Angel Sandoval

    Angel SandovalPrije 12 dana

    They could've used rose

  95. DIAB10

    DIAB10Prije 12 dana

    There’s no excuse the lakers loss every team dealt with injuries and covid Bron started poutin cus AD was out

  96. DeAndre Sisson

    DeAndre SissonPrije 12 dana

    These players be spending 100k+ on there body and can’t deal with an extra 10 games for the playoff and are complaining about the short break they have sure😂

  97. Oyame

    OyamePrije 12 dana

    The most hated NBA Superstar. 1. Being called the next MJ, embracing number 23, known as The King, leading Cleveland to multiple conference finals and NBA finals, but nah, a king without a Chip. 2. He went to Miami to form a super team. But failed twice despite having D.Wade and Bosh. Nah, overrated superstar, he won’t win any Chip. 3. Finally, he won his first Chip. Made it to The NBA final again and beat The Young Oklahoma city. Nah, he has D.Wade, Bosh and The East is so easy. 4. Repeat, won his second Chips by defeating The Veteran team Spurs. Nah, The East is so easy and Ray Allen got the winning shot, Lebron not clutch. 5. Returning back to Cleveland and to fulfilled his promised to the city. Together with young Kyrie and All Star Kevin Love. Lebron delivered and won his 3rd Chip. They beat the favourite 73-9 regular season GSW in the final. Came back from 3-1 deficit. Nah, if Draymond wasn’t suspended, Lebron and Cleveland won’t win it. Lebron not clutch, Kyrie hit the winning shot, The East is easy, Lebron should come to The West. 6. Went to another NBA final without the injured Kyrie and Kevin. Nah, Lebron is washed up. He is old and couldn’t win a chip without another super star. The east is easy route to The NBA final. 7. He went to The Lakers (West), didn’t delivered during his 1st season due to injury. Nah, father time is finally catching up. He is washed up, Lakers making huge mistake. 8. Lakers then managed to recruit another Superstar in AD with the help of Lebron. Won his fourth Chip despite the covid19 situation. Nah, Lebron got 2 months rest time and the other team not ready for it. There’s no value to the Chip. 9. First time in his 18 years career to exit first round. Lebron is old and washed up. Father time is finally coming. 2020 Chip was a fluke. Couldn’t carry Lakers without AD.

  98. VERBAL Kint

    VERBAL KintPrije 12 dana

    This absolutely counts against his legacy. The Tim Duncan comp is a terrible one. Why? Nobody trying to call Timmy the GOAT. The same idiots trying to put Lebron next to MJ can’t have it both ways. When you calling Lebron the best player on the planet and claim that he’s on Jordan’s heels(all hyperbole realky)then these are the standards any potential GOAT will be measured against. Lebron so overrated and overhyped, that’s why NBA fans like me root against this dude. He a corporate asset that’s being used to keep the $$ and interest that Jordan brought to the league. How’s that working our? There’s just as many fans who want to see him lose then see him win. That’s not hate. That’s people who can see the difference between true organic greatness and corporate manufactured greatness. Put a fork in this clown. It’s over. Extra rest is not gonna turn back the hands of time. I for one am excited for the NBA without this overrated entitled faux king

  99. Malachi Santos

    Malachi SantosPrije 12 dana

    I thought Joey badass was about to start rapping from the instrumentals

  100. dot_Universe91

    dot_Universe91Prije 12 dana

    “Alright man… sigh” it’s gonna be a good video

  101. Red Herring

    Red HerringPrije 12 dana

    LeBron is the only player ppl make excuse videos for. Not the Goat, not even top five.