Kevin Love is Quitting! This is Not Fair to the Rest of Cleveland..

Kevin Love is Quitting and it's Not Fair to the Rest of Cleveland!

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    SWISHOUTPrije mjesec

    The content for the rest of the season is about to get crazy. Notis on !

  2. T.K. N.Y

    T.K. N.YPrije mjesec

    Can't lie this 1 of the best videos swish made imo. He hit us wit nothing but straight facts and compared him 2 other players in similar situations as well💯🔥

  3. Max Agbodo

    Max AgbodoPrije mjesec

    @Somto Kid why?

  4. Michael White

    Michael WhitePrije mjesec

    Yeah I agree swish you always want to be professional even though the team might not be that good.😐💯🏀

  5. Somto Kid

    Somto KidPrije mjesec

    Are we gonna get a steph curry apology video

  6. Aditya Sharma

    Aditya SharmaPrije mjesec

    Ya Lol. K.Love needs to get out of Cleveland. let him go to a contender. He doesn't deserve this.

  7. Marsalisbury

    MarsalisburyPrije 19 dana

    Swish had Rona in this video, lol.

  8. Sausage Gaming

    Sausage GamingPrije 20 dana

    Love just come to the warriors

  9. Instructor Irving Tony Campos Lugo

    Instructor Irving Tony Campos LugoPrije 27 dana

    Swish "sigh I didn't want to make this video" Out

  10. The MILKMAN

    The MILKMANPrije mjesec

    I'd have to give fam a shove or something for that bs

  11. Zack Thomas

    Zack ThomasPrije mjesec

    He was crying when Bron and Kyrie were there too, he’s always a baby

  12. Andre Henley

    Andre HenleyPrije mjesec

    I don't see a difference between him and James harden

  13. Eric Child

    Eric ChildPrije mjesec

    Quit that. Kyrie been unprofessional as well. Anyone missing games or throwing games like that unprofessional

  14. Joseph Vernon

    Joseph VernonPrije mjesec

    Yeah the cavs are like the clippers of east but they have a banner.

  15. Munira Tahiro

    Munira TahiroPrije mjesec

    he doing this on purpose

  16. Munira Tahiro

    Munira TahiroPrije mjesec

    he should join the clippers or lakers

  17. NBA All Star Cake

    NBA All Star CakePrije mjesec

    Kevin love is a nuisance to society🤡

  18. thetrib1

    thetrib1Prije mjesec

    This has maybe happened around 20 times in the last 2 years. You brought up kyrie?? Kyrie has probably missed just as many without an explanation. Both bad but What's worse. What the coach could do is not play kevin...that's simple.

  19. Jaycob Wright

    Jaycob WrightPrije mjesec

    I haven’t watched the video yet but it’s not his fault🤷🏾‍♂️the team is trash and he wants to leave,I get where your coming from.

  20. Dylan Cooper

    Dylan CooperPrije mjesec

    Your takes are terrible.

  21. Mike

    MikePrije mjesec

    "Just retire" - agree. A lot of guilt to take that much, hardly play, and zero gym effort, one of the worst bodies in the nba, flabby waist flabby arms

  22. miguelluismusic

    miguelluismusicPrije mjesec

    I called a travel on k love when he was a 7th grader and he is still pissed I think... K love is cool because he was an Instagram superfoodhoops fan and liked my posts before chiphead Joe took down my basketball nutrition site curiously... bro did you get spiked at the club? Shedding is real brother... get some nano silver cuz and get chronic with it

  23. TheRealest Asian

    TheRealest AsianPrije mjesec

    Bro at this point you making a bag off of youtube, ain’t no way every single video you “don’t wanna make this video” 😂😂

  24. Adam Frandercorn

    Adam FrandercornPrije mjesec

    King of, " I didn't wanna make this video but...... "

  25. Kevin Hate

    Kevin HatePrije mjesec

    I'm not kevin love anymore, call me kevin hate

  26. Europa

    EuropaPrije mjesec

    What he did is one of the least competitive things I've seen a pro hooper do. It's hard for me to understand how he could just give up like that.

  27. 8 Feet

    8 FeetPrije mjesec

    make a video on the suns bro

  28. Ttv Yeet Yt

    Ttv Yeet YtPrije mjesec

    Every video "I didnt want to make this video"

  29. Jonathan Sakouhi

    Jonathan SakouhiPrije mjesec

    Ey yo we need you pls post again

  30. XYBNsnipesXYBN

    XYBNsnipesXYBNPrije mjesec

    Free Kevin love

  31. Brommiesfour Nicolas

    Brommiesfour NicolasPrije mjesec

    Why does he care about playing on a shitty team if he already won a ring? Players like him should be satisfied

  32. George Wang

    George WangPrije mjesec

    He secured the bag

  33. David Azzie

    David AzziePrije mjesec

    Bro you went to a club and you feel sick after? Don't have to search too deep if you haven't been vaccinated yet

  34. BG The One

    BG The OnePrije mjesec

    Accountability is the word of the day

  35. BG The One

    BG The OnePrije mjesec

    Now Sexton is being called out...the Cavs are a garbage fire

  36. Rip Zay

    Rip ZayPrije mjesec

    Hes going to the lakers watch

  37. Ev

    EvPrije mjesec

    tom brady is the goat

  38. Tri-Gaming

    Tri-GamingPrije mjesec

    This is such a good video! Just got a sub from me. And a like on the video

  39. Rhett Shamo

    Rhett ShamoPrije mjesec

    “Daily content?” Yeah sure

  40. Darrian Nelson

    Darrian NelsonPrije mjesec

    He deserves to be waived, and kicked out of the league.

  41. Hairless Che

    Hairless ChePrije mjesec

    Pray to Jesus today you will never regret it a relationship with Jesus is the only way to Heaven explicit rap is the music of the devil don’t listen to it

  42. Mona Kolososki

    Mona KolososkiPrije mjesec

    Every word you said I agree with. Kevin love had a successful career, but he should retire

  43. Kai Kai

    Kai KaiPrije mjesec

    Took zero shots tonight lmao.

  44. Jearrod Fountain

    Jearrod FountainPrije mjesec

    I really can’t blame this man. Dude spent 90% of his career on these terrible teams

  45. Europa

    EuropaPrije mjesec

    It doesn't matter what the situation is in Cleveland, true hoopers go balls to the wall every single time they step on the court no matter what the score is. The fact his competitive nature didn't stop him from doing what he did is really concerning.

  46. Richard Douglas

    Richard DouglasPrije mjesec

    You don't realise how correct you are. Did you see today's game. Played 22 minutes and didn't take a shot or score a point

  47. Jurassic Gage

    Jurassic GagePrije mjesec

    As I cavs fan I have been wanting them trade this crybaby for over a year

  48. Jacob BBB

    Jacob BBBPrije mjesec

    Haven’t watched this yet but ima guess he didn’t wanna make this video 😂 I was right 😂😂

  49. emoerslu

    emoersluPrije mjesec

    I love K-Love but yeah, you got the point - he should have played seriously, no matter the circumstances. It`s your damn job - you are paid hefty amount of money to play for the Cavs. From my standpoint, he should have rejected the offer from Cavs and sign any 10-15 mil contract for two years. The league knows his skills, the players appreciate him, he`s vocal about aspects other than the NBA itself - that`s fine, as long as you do your job.

  50. Mikolaj Unger

    Mikolaj UngerPrije mjesec

    Bro he isn't even the best player on the cavs...

  51. KinoVsTheWrld

    KinoVsTheWrldPrije mjesec

    Mans not tryna hoop no more

  52. Jaime Hernandez

    Jaime HernandezPrije mjesec

    Waste of cap space

  53. • AST3RIOD •

    • AST3RIOD •Prije mjesec

    Bro I would love to play with the cavs not cause we’d win but cause it be fun to play along side the play styles tbh. But the cavs gave him a ring and money I would be so happy to be alive😔🙏🏽

  54. Huss D

    Huss DPrije mjesec

    I hate it when you tubers start a video with “I didn’t want to make this video”. You don’t have to say the truth which would be “I love when this shit happens because I can make a video out of it” Just get into the video.

  55. pengzy red

    pengzy redPrije mjesec

    But the reason he did that was because he was shoved and it didn’t get called

  56. pengzy red

    pengzy redPrije mjesec

    Still he wants to leave but you would get irritated too if the cavs didn’t want to do a buyout and the front office rejecting trades especially the trailblazers offer

  57. Lone Zone

    Lone ZonePrije mjesec

    He should just retire

  58. Bill dowtre

    Bill dowtrePrije mjesec

    Hes a cancer . Unfortunately I think the nba baby's these players to much. At the end of the day this is there job

  59. jason v

    jason vPrije mjesec

    My man swish got the rona bruh

  60. Jose Manuel Aponte

    Jose Manuel ApontePrije mjesec

    I’m a cavs fan and him as a player just frustrates me at times 🥲

  61. Cameron Grier

    Cameron GrierPrije mjesec

    I’m with Kevin love fuck the cavs he just needs to sit out and collect his check

  62. Hector Martinez

    Hector MartinezPrije mjesec

    You got COVID-19 bihh

  63. Gg

    GgPrije mjesec

    Bro lives in Cleveland who else do u expect

  64. Tyler Kinney

    Tyler KinneyPrije mjesec

    Lol poverty franchise?

  65. FreshBOI1579

    FreshBOI1579Prije mjesec

    I agree with the overall point , however , on that specific play everyone is hating Kevin love for , I don’t blame him at all. He was pushed from behind, nearly falls (clearly a foul) he then turns around and the ball is immediately passed to him from the ref af centercourt (which rarely happens) so he was just frustrated and had no idea that was the actual inbounds pass. Typically the baseline ref hands you the ball to pass it in

  66. Ansh Shah

    Ansh ShahPrije mjesec

    Kevin Love did not quit...this is just how he is. He’s not what he used to be 8 years ago. That lazy play came after he banged his knee on the ground. But idk why we’re acting like he’s still an all star level player. He shouldn’t have even been an all star in 2018 to be brutally honest.

  67. playboikvle _

    playboikvle _Prije mjesec

    Kevin love rly asked for this situation bc he could have just signed on a diff team when he was a fa but instead he signed a big deal that other teams can’t afford

  68. Vincent Ercole

    Vincent ErcolePrije mjesec

    I'm not a cavs fan, I'm a knicks fan, but the cavs have such a good yound core. Sexton is already putting up all star caliber numbers. Garland is a legit MIP candidate. Jarett allen is a really good young big and isaac okoro can be an all defense guy. If I were the cavs front office I would honestly tell love to just stay away from the team until they can find a trade for him. They've got young guys playing hard trying to build something, they don't need a 12 year vet acting immature and bringing everyone down

  69. Cmayy

    CmayyPrije mjesec

    Jesus Christ is Lord and Saviour🙏🏾😁

  70. NL Turbo

    NL TurboPrije mjesec

    The amount of times you didn't want to make a video you might have not wanted to even make your channel

  71. JokingCarl _

    JokingCarl _Prije mjesec

    The trill is gone for K. Love

  72. Sim Sokheng

    Sim SokhengPrije mjesec

    Kyrie give 110% ? So we gonna ignore the Celtics day?

  73. Reise

    ReisePrije mjesec

    every fucking video you say "I didn't want to make this video"

  74. Jordan Langenderfer

    Jordan LangenderferPrije mjesec

    Well I mean the Cavs have been wasting him for years.. he cant be perfect alwas

  75. J Escorpizo

    J EscorpizoPrije mjesec

    Damn man... when LeBron was on his second stint in Cleveland, it seemed like Klove was trying his hardest to be the third star. Man has to accept he can be a veteran leader for the young guys. Theres still value in that for an organization trying to establish a young core. It's the cavs yeah but still

  76. Trump! BLOCKED BY BIDEN!

    Trump! BLOCKED BY BIDEN!Prije mjesec

    Bruh if I was the GM of the Cavs I would trade him to the Rockets for basically nothing, that way they can deal with his sorry ass and the Cavs make a positive adjustment to their lineup.

  77. El Millonario

    El MillonarioPrije mjesec

    'I didn't wanna make this video'. Man, just make the damn video. Stop saying that bs

  78. CFB Jared

    CFB JaredPrije mjesec

    Swish always starts every video like he just finished running a mile lmao

  79. MalRulesAll

    MalRulesAllPrije mjesec

    This was a great video lowkey lots of fax 2 💯👌🎯

  80. KogiCakes “AJ”

    KogiCakes “AJ”Prije mjesec

    great video, all quality no fluff, good opinions, and well spoken!

  81. TooSlick 3x

    TooSlick 3xPrije mjesec

    I kinda feel bad for bruh they left that man for dead lmao

  82. L2N Productions

    L2N ProductionsPrije mjesec

    Man I’m a die hard Cavs Fan & Love almost made me break my phone Get this 🤡 Clown Out of Cleveland 💯💯

  83. Jonathan Russell

    Jonathan RussellPrije mjesec

    Every video seems to start with "I didn't want to make this video

  84. Mobley Mcfly

    Mobley McflyPrije mjesec


  85. Mxnty2k

    Mxnty2kPrije mjesec

    clip was taken out of contect he was pissed off about an obvious no call by the refs and terrible hustle from his own team.

  86. Skinny Lil Bill

    Skinny Lil BillPrije mjesec

    Jesus is Lord.

  87. Ollie Oxley

    Ollie OxleyPrije mjesec

    you can't praise Kyrie, he Sits out way too much for unnecessary things

  88. Supa Piffy

    Supa PiffyPrije mjesec

    *Sigh* I didn't wanna have to watch this video

  89. Declan Claus

    Declan ClausPrije mjesec

    Im so glad we finally got another video swish didn’t want to make ❤️

  90. Ronnie

    RonniePrije mjesec

    It's not fair for Kevin Love to carry this shitty Cleveland team.

  91. Creative Username

    Creative UsernamePrije mjesec

    hate seeing players get lazy just cause they “don’t wanna play” for a team. bruh there are thousands of ballers rn who would take your spot at half the pay

  92. Nvs

    NvsPrije mjesec

    Ion think swishout even wants to be a youtuber at this point

  93. Socialist Batman

    Socialist BatmanPrije mjesec

    Fuck the team. Get that bag.

  94. _ Kujo

    _ KujoPrije mjesec


  95. Shancho Murry

    Shancho MurryPrije mjesec

    Nobody : Swish every video : 1st of all,I didn't wanna make this video,I really didn't

  96. T.K. N.Y

    T.K. N.YPrije mjesec

    Can't lie this 1 of the best videos swish made imo. He hit us wit nothing but straight facts and compared him 2 other players in similar situations as well💯🔥

  97. La Bosss

    La BosssPrije mjesec

    Ong this nigga Kevin love needs to grow up and do his job

  98. Walter D Brown

    Walter D BrownPrije mjesec

    I don’t disagree with the basketball part of this video. But don’t compare mental problems... not everyone reacts the same way to the same or similar situation.

  99. Mistah Unknown

    Mistah UnknownPrije mjesec

    When he had the chance to walk, he should've taken it. I was shocked he stayed.

  100. haydenandhayden

    haydenandhaydenPrije mjesec

    He said the line

  101. Opochtli

    OpochtliPrije mjesec

    "Poverty Franchise" 😂😂😂 bruh

  102. geniusmma

    geniusmmaPrije mjesec

    he didnt quit. he's disappointed to the refs

  103. good man

    good manPrije mjesec

    I mean he went from playing with lebron and kyrie to Garland and Sexton he's wasting his career in Cavs. he probably took the contract thinking he either gets traded or they become good which didn't happen.

  104. Jay Jackson

    Jay JacksonPrije mjesec

    He just trying to go to the nets like everyone else

  105. Dr Evil

    Dr EvilPrije mjesec

    Kevin Love is the biggest robber in the world.

  106. King Flores

    King FloresPrije mjesec

    These are grown men and you talking about it ain’t fair? you soft. He don’t owe them anything the organization owes him better ownership, this is why lebron left, they’re piss poor. It’s his 13th year, how you gonna try to call him out about his passion? That is passion being mad you’re getting blown out daily.